Good SOTA Weekend!

Thanks to all the activators that were out and about over the last 3 days for an excellent SOTA Weekend.

After a little struggle to get 30 or so points for the previous two weekends, my Tally for the last 3 days was as follows:

5 Summits = 14 Points on Friday
8 Summits = 33 Points on Saturday
11 Summits = 34 Points on Sunday

81 points for what was for me a fabulous 3-day SOTA Weekend !

Thank you all (including those that were just a little too weak to work)

Stewart G0LGS

In reply to G0LGS:

Indeed, the best weekend in a while, the activators were magnificent in icy conditions.

Friday 6 summits = 16 pts
Saturday 17 summits = 76 pts
Sunday 26 summits = 74 pts

166 pts total.

A big thank you to all of the activators on a great job.

73 Mike GW0DSP

Yes a good weekend thanks for all the chaser support. I going to post some images as we saw some great stuff during our walks over the weekend on the Burton ARC website at some point.
For info, we had the lowest temp of -4C, lowest wind chill of -17C Average of -12C over the weekend and highest wind speed of 37mph
A good weekend to sit on the hills.
Thanks from M0JDK and me, who both this weekend did our 100th assent. Good timing if I do say so…
And a thanks from G0AOD for coming out to play today!

In reply to GW0DSP:
Yes, a good weekend indeed.
I remember one sunday with several activities announced resulting
to just 1 (one) SOTA point altogether.
With me it was 1 + 47 + 47 = 95 this time, without 2 and 60 m (several
stations heard on 60).
And I made my first SOTA contact on 160m with GX0OOO with my brand new
windom aerial on meadow behind our place - only possible during winter.

Sometimes it would be easier if I would know about the activation just
comming up: I missed some SOTA because I had a quick meal or a shower
just in those 10 or 12 minutes.
Not to think of adjusting antennas outside.
There should be a second operator at times…

73 de Mike, DJ5AV
near Lake Constance, 760m ASL - not SOTA

An excellent weekend - though I was at work on Friday…

Thanks to all those braving the cold / icy wx!

Graham G4FUJ