Good chance for 2m SSB


The 2m band has to be activated.

I assume that many of you still have 2m ssb devices around which can be operated portably. Maybe an old multimode mobile trx?

Now on Sunday would be the ideal day to revive them. There are a lot of activities. For example:

I hope for many portable stations in the mountains, even though they might not make SOTA.

I will test my rig on Saturday 03.08. on the Blößling DM / BW-640 … and will be active on the Belchen DM / BW-003 on Sunday.

Hope to meet you - 73 Armin


Hi Armin and everyone,
as you may have seen, Bert (DF3FS) and I are planning to be on summits in HBØ the coming weekend. We are concentrating on HF, but I will have my handheld VHF radio with me and be QRV on 145.500 fm. Would be great to work you on Blößling and Belchen and many more stations around.
Chris DL4FO

Hello Chris

I have just made a LOS test … about 145 km - but nothing in between!

Then: open your squelch :smile:

73 Armin

I’ll be there.
And also on Tuesday night.


Hallo Armin,

noch unklar was wir machen bzw. wo wir unterwegs sind. Werde aber ssb 2m mal im Gepäck haben. Vielleicht hört man sich. Viel Erfolg.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

I have already set my alert for DM/BM-036 for BBT on Sunday. I will give the SOTA-Ref on request and take part at the BBT.
Hope to work you.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

Hello, we will be on Sunday on OE/ST-137 - Windberg, please turn ant to OE.

73 Ondra OK1CDJ


Here is my feedback on today’s activity.

I gave up to call CQ myself. Again and again stations came near to my frequency, which made about 100khz of my receiver unusable. That’s why I tuned over the band.

ODX was S57O with 650km. Unfortunately, I could not get to HA2R and 9A2RD, they had good signals … but I had only 3 watts and 6Elt.

Result: It is worthwhile to be on the summit during a contest.

In between times I changed to FM, there were still a few s2s :wink:

73 Armin

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Wo ist db7mm/p? :face_with_monocle:

Sri guys, the wx messed up our plans. We wanted to do the Schneekoppe OK/KR-001 hike yesterday, but it was raining and the risk of thunderstorms in the Giant Mountains. So we had to postpone it till today. No way to schlepp my vhf gear with me on a 30 km trail. Hence no ssb activation, however I successfully activated OK/KR-001 by my vhf handheld. :9!mt=hybrid&z=17&ts=1564876800&te=1564963200&call=a%2FDG7ACF-7

I will for sure be out on Tuesday night. See my alert.


Yep, not a bad day. For my first 2m SSB contests as single operator. Especially as I just finished the 3D printed parts for a 4 element yagi this Saturday.

39 QSO on 2m SSB with some S2S because of the Bergtag contest at the same time.
Next year I have an even better QTH in mind…, Let’s see

ODX with DR2X: 438km
I used Tucnak on an Android tablet for logging which worked pretty well.
3 times I needed to cover all the radio gear under raincoat and the solar panel. A fun adventure overall.

Update: Now that I see the map it is clear that I was too close to high mountains for any pass over southward the alpine ridge. Next time I need to be higher up :wink:

73 Joe


The selection of the summit is very important …

I should have been min. 100 km more to the east. I have heard many qso’s from OK or Bavaria with S5 or I. So I was in the side of their beam. Maybe next time I’ll take a Summit on the Swabian Alb …
In any case, I would like to have more power … 3 W are pretty little … but I also have no desire to carry a big battery onto the summit… we’ll see - You can always improve.

73 Armin