Good Bye summits

Hi all,
shortly before reaching the double goatdom my hip joint refused to cooperate any more. I am going to get a replacement - an artificial joint in February 2013. I am afraid I will be off the game for at least till the summer months, but hope to have time enough to improve my chaser’s score. Thank you all the chasers for making my activations a fun. Keep the fingers crossed for me.
73, Ruda OK2QA

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Fingers firmly crossed for you Ruda.

I think you should get extra points for each unique hip!

Best 73

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Sorry to hear your news. Best of luck with the operation and getting walking fit again.


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Hope it all goes well for you Ruda and back activating again soon,
best wishes.

Roger MW0IDX

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Sorry to hear this. When you are repaired you should be good as new! I had to have a knee operation this year so I know something :sunglasses:
Take care and best wishes.
Mike G6TUH

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Hi Ruda,

Good luck for a speedy recovery, am looking forward to hearing you again soon.


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Hello Ruda!

Bad news! I wish you all the best for operation and recovery and hope you will be soon again on the summits!

vy 73 de Chris, OE3CHC

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Hi Ruda
I am a chaser out here in VE land
My xyl has had replacements in both hips and one knee- arthritis–
she is moving around very well now with no pain- she really followed the post operation physiotherapy programs
and it seems to have worked. gl, and get back on the hills fast

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Sorry to hear about your problems Ruda.

You will be missed on the SOTA spots

Best wishes for a speedy recovery

Hope CU agn soon


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Hello Ruda
My best wishes to you and take care. I hope we’ll meet soon and It will be a pleasure to give you some points.
Best 73.
Andre - f5ukl

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Hi Ruda!

Sorry to hear that bad news! I wish You all the west and get well as soon as possible.
Always a pleasure to work You as activator or chaser.
Do sledanou.

73 de Mike

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Good Luck Ruda.

If it is any consolation I met a walker on the hill who had both hips replaced, his surgeon told him his hill walking days were over. He was celebrating just completing all the Munros - and holding up two fingers to his surgeon!!


Barry GM4TOE

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Good Luck
Great pleasure to work You soon

Daniel /F5SQA

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Nazdar Rudo,
jak se rika “a leta bezi, vazeni” - tak bud rad, kdyz se da vadna soucastka vymenit, hi. Brzy se pak uzdrav a zase NSL!.

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Hi Ruda,

Sorry to hear this. It´s always a pleasure to hear you on a summit working the SOTA pileups. I wish you good luck and a speedy recovery.
My best wishes and take care when you start activating again, hopefully soon.

Vy 73,
Steffen, DL3JPN

Hi Ruda,

I wish you a quick recovery. Sorry to read the bad news.
55 for your chasing the next months and I hope, that you will be able to do some summits in 2013 again.
73 Lutz

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Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. 73.

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Hope it all goes well for you Ruda and back activating again soon,
best wishes.

55 es 73
Christian OE5HCE

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Merry Xmas to you, Ruda.
All the best for soon and full recovery in 2013 !


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Hello Ruda,
Hope all goes to plan and you are back in the hills next summer.

73 David G3RDQ.