Going up for Guru

Periodically I walk the Camino in Northern Spain.

Corresponding with Guru (EA2IF), he told me he lived near the Camino route through Pamplona and invited me, on my next visit to come and activate some summits with him on my way.

Sadly, I waited too long.

I am on the Way again beginning this week and will be going up to EA2/NV-092, near the Alto del Perdon, which Guru described for me.

I’ll be thinking of Guru, and hope you’ll check in.

Jim - EA/N0IPA


Welcome to EA! I wish you a very good walk througth Camino de Santiago and activation SOTA with all those passed remembers.

Buen camino y 73!


Good walking Jim. Sadly, propagation will likely prevent us from talking but in spirit we’ll all be with you.
Stay well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV


Hi Jim, gosh! you have to be strong for doing it repeatedly!

If you need any support while in EA2/NV don’t hesitate to ask.
I will PM to you with further details.

Cheers 73


I was lucky to meet Jim on his jouney by the Camino (way of Saint Jacques), as he passed near Pamplona.

I joined him and his mate Bruce and went together to EA2/NV-092, a summit frequently activated by Guru.
I waited for them to appear and soon they were at sight in the morning fog:

Weather was bad but Jim put his EFHW on a tree:

them he performed a short actvation in 40 m under my umbrella.
He’s doing really fine with his tiny MTR-4 on CW.

A pity we couldn’t run for longer time but rain was persistent and they had to get on.
Doing this daily trek (about 750 kilometer to reach destination in one month) plus activating SOTA adding the rig in the rucksack and doing extra walks requires an effort.

It was a pleasure to meet Jim and Bruce.
If you can just keep an eye on the Alerts and give him a call.

Good luck and wishing you’ll enjoy the whole trail and get back home well.

73 Ignacio

(left - right: EA2BD, Bruce, N0IPA)


I heard you this morning, but sadly you didn’t hear me.
W6LEN / Jess


N0IPA is easy to recognize…he’s the nutty American hiking the Camino in open-toed sandals ;-).
Good luck Jim!

Brad - WA6MM

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Hi Jim
I’ve caught you twice in the last two days, good start! I’ll be waiting for you in Leon, when you pass through my city. I’ll be watching you on your way and I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Hola Jim
Te he cazado dos veces en los últimos dos días. ¡Buen comienzo! Te espero en León, cuando pases por mi ciudad. Estaré pendiente de tu camino y encantado de conocerte.


RR Juan. I’ll be in touch as we get close.


Hi Jim,
I have yet to hear you. 15M would be best but so far no luck.
Every time you get posted, if I don’t hear anything or anybody calling,
I give a few calls in the blind, but so far no luck. I’ll keep trying.
John, K6YK