Going through withdrawals

For the last couple of months and likely the next month or two, I will be busy with CHORES and will not be able do much with regard to SOTA. Sure, I will be able to get the occasional activation(s) in but not enough to satisfy my addiction. I find myself looking at SOTAwatch, almost jealous when I see other guys activating. I look at the SOTA website, again, jealously and see others gaining points.

I need a support group. :smile:

Missed not hearing you on.
As a Full time chaser here I can tell you when you get hooked on SOTA as a chaser
or Activator there is only One Cure.
Sure hope to hear you on soon
Best 73 de W4DOW (Dow)
Nr.One Chaser in W4V

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#1 Chaser in W4V

Only 1 chaser in W4V? No wonder you are always No.1 chaser in W4V Dow :wink:

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You might want to look at W4V again (Virginia) Listing 48 Chasers in W4V (Virginia)
Thats a lot more they your so called (1) Chaser in W4V
Dow (W4DOW)

Maybe ONLY one that is serious about it.

Good stuff Dow. Congratulations on your magnificent achievement.

Perhaps a little unfair to claim you’re the only one that’s serious about it. I’d say entering 640 or 458 logs (for instance) is “serious”. In fact, I’d say every single one of the 48 chasers must be serious - otherwise, why would they have registered for a SOTA Database account and entered their QSO data?

I really wish some would do more.
Maybe they cant spend the time at it like I do.
Being Retired with COPD I spend a lot of time at the rig.
Been licensed as of 1961 and a true lover and operator of CW over 55 years in the Hobby
I have done Dx’ing , Contesting, 1010 , Digi Modes Counties, and 100’s of other things
Worked as a ARRL & W5YI VE with the Wife here for over 20 years when we lived in Richmond Va.
Its hard to get people interested anymore as you see in W4V so many make a Few contacts and log a few and then Quit.
It goes beyond interest in anything. it takes dedication, along with a little work and a true love of the hobby
Which I see a lot dont have anymore.
Looks like I been in the SOTA program now for about 28 months (+/-) and I find it very interesting
Plus at my age it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble… (68 yrs young)
Thanks for all you guys do to keep the program going with the MT
Cheers & beers


I feel your pain…when I don’t activate a summit on any given weekend I go into a semi-depressed state. Even after a FIX, called an Activation, the euphoria only lasts until I get home. Then I just mope around planning my next FIX. So many summits, so little time. I need to retire and then retire to the Summits!

I am doomed…

hope 2 c u soon…on a Summit!