Goats paying it forward


When I got my Goat, K7SO bought my trophy. I bought WB5USB’s and he bought the next Goat’s trophy. Is this tradition still happening? Curtis (KC5CW) said that nobody offered to him. Just wondering on behalf of our two latest Goats, NM5SW and NJ7V.


de K5RHD

I have a feeling that many ops don’t know about the tradition. I don’t believe it is in writing anywhere.

Is there someplace we can post this info so future GOATS can read it?


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It has only happened in North America and, I would guess, it is over a year since the last time I had an order paid for this way. My suspicion is that somebody forgot and the “tradition” died out when the chain was broken.

Personally, I thought it was a great idea.

Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

It began when an anonymous Brit bought the trophy for me when I was the first to reach 1,000 pts from North America. I decided to then initiate the tradition by purchasing the second to reach it, and that was Doug, W1DMH. I think it is a wonderful tradition, a handshake from goat to the next. I will purchase the trophy for Scottie if the previous person to attain Goat status does not. - Fred KT5X ( WS0TA )

Isn’t the overall outcome just the same if everyone simply pays for their own trophy?

(Except for the “anonymous Brit”, and the very final MG before the “End of Days”/demise of the SOTA programme that is).

Probably, but it strikes me as a heart-warming tradition that springs from the camaraderie of the SOTA community. Trouble is, as SOTA grows these awards will come faster and faster and it will become difficult to keep track of who buys for whom!



Yes, that’s the beauty of it. It costs nothing for people to reach out and congratulate the next goat.

Barry, it seems the chain was broken when the store URL was temporarily down. In any case, you might be able to help me by telling me on the following list you have already made a trophy for, and who does not have one. We’ll get the chain going again…

34 - W7IMC, 35 - KD5KC, 36 - WZ4M, 37 - KC5CW (he bought his own so he has one), 38 - W2CKL, and now, 39 - NM5SW, and 40 - NJ7V.

  • fred kt5x ( WS0TA )

I purchased my own trophy the day I made Goat, and I believe the store was just starting back up. It’s the first I’ve heard of this tradition. Now, don’t get me wrong; if someone wants to do this for someone they know, have activated hills with, or maybe someone who turned them on to SOTA, it makes the trophy all the better. I would just hate to have someone end up falling thru the cracks, for whatever reason. Just my 2 cents from personal experience.
I hope to get back on the hills soon, I’ve been doing quite a bit of cycling this summer.
Congratulations to all the new Goats.
73 Baaaa.

Hi Barry! Been on the lookout for you! Apparently, you “got your goat” during the store change-over. This tradition never costs anyone anything in that in terms of dollars, doesn’t change anything whether the trophy you buy is for yourself or someone else. It is only that the hand shake from one goat to another is kinda fun.

See you from a peak soon!

  • fred kt5x ( ws0ta )

I mean, BOB. Guess my vision caught Bob and BAA at the same time and consolidated it :wink: fred

Hi Pete,

We could put the 'pay-it-forward" goat info in the FAQ section of the NASOTA webpage but I don’t think that would solve the problem…not sure that it would get read.

Perhaps we could use a “Congrats” email and include the tradition info in that email for the new and previous goat. I was doing that in the early days but got sidetracked.

Do you capture the date for your list when every new Activator achieves goatdom?


I have posted on the NASOTA reflector with the relevant information about who has received trophies.

I believe the process is back underway looking at orders received today

Barry GM4TOE

Yes…I look at the activation that puts them over 1000 points. That is the time/date stamp for their GOAT, which should match the database date in their statistics. Activations after that, even on the same day, are ignored for the stats.

I calculate all the stats from the first activation to the final “over the top” GOAT day activation.



Maybe a preemptive email to all future GOATS when they get to 900 points? Someone would have to keep an eye on the stats for that however, and act accordingly.

That assumes they have a valid email also…

The SOTAwatch2 page seems like the only place that almost everyone views at some point in time, so possibly something there??

Just thinking out loud now…


The database will tell you this in case you were doing something by hand.

From Sotadata3

You are a Mountain Goat with 1589 points.
Mountain Goat achieved on 04-Mar-2012
You are not yet a Shack Sloth with 718 points.
Mountain Explorer Award Status = Gold 

Yep…I am aware of that info even though I end up getting it a different way, as I have to sort through each activation for the data on my summary…