Morning folks :smirk:

Been pointed out to me by my expression of Goat for a newbie is slightly incorrect. :grimacing:

You have to gain 1000 points the gain the status, but I thought when you reached the station of 1000 activators points you became a mountain Goat.

As my friend said, he surprised no one has pointed this out. So going make little correction here myself. :anguished:

Welcome to the new Activator of Sota from Norway :blush:

Karl 73s


The difference between ‘Goat’ and ‘Mountain Goat’.

Its a good point, as I suppose ‘Goat’ could refer to a lowland animal making its way to higher pastures :smile:


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As far as I was aware there is one goat only, that is a “Mountain Goat” for the status of a 1E3 activator and any other forms of goat come in the four legged variety and have nothing to do with Summits On The Air.


I;ll try again :grinning:

I welcomed a gent from Norway on the reflector recently as a activator and called him a new Goat. Its been pointed out to me your not a goat till your reach 1000 points. Only then you gain (Mountain) Goat status same as being a (shack) sloth, again 1000 points must reached.

Hence correcting my mistake no one else picked up, but bar my friend whom pointed it put in his E mail. :blush:

Hope this is better explained, in need of more caffeine :stuck_out_tongue:


I suppose that until you reach the status of Mountain Goat you are a Kid! :innocent:



Peanut and Rooster!
Regards, Dave, G6DTN