Goat Peak Lookout W7W/OK-107 - Larches changing color, great QSO's, smoke rolling in, etc.

Enjoyed this 9/22 autumn hike and activation at the Goat Peak Lookout W7W/OK-107, especially with the larch trees changing colors. Trail was about 3.5 miles and 1,450 feet of gain. Road to summit is in pretty good shape, and I’ve driven cars there a few times now.

22 SSB contacts (20m & 40m) including Alaska, New York, and Japan. Smoke from local fires rolled in quickly while I was driving on the way back. I was concerned a new local fire had started, but later found out it was fires from further away. While driving on way back I also noticed a truck had slid off the road, at a very steep section. I stopped to check on a vehicle since I hadn’t seen there in the morning. The Forest Service stopped by to check on the truck shortly after I did. We couldn’t find the drive over the steep embankment, and looked like they left safely? The forest service was initially having issues communicating with the Sheriff via a repeater, and I offered a better antenna if they needed. (-: They found a different repeater that worked better. (-: Overall a great day, and fun SOTA near Mazama, WA!


Great video James, thanks for sharing. :+1:

Geoff vk3sq

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Thank you Geoff! Much appreciated…it was a fun day!

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