Goat Celebrations

How would you celebrate yours (in a purely alcoholic sense)?

Whilst idly researching beers to try, I came across the Mountain Goat brewery. Very appropriate I thought, but travelling to Australia simply to avail myself of this beer is a tad extravagant.

There is a variety of beers named after various iconic summits such as Helvellyn Gold, Scafell Blonde or even (the Winter bonus favourite) Little Mell.

What would be your recommendation? (And I know that practically speaking in the usual British climate, a nice flask of hot soup is probably more appropriate - but let’s stick to alcohol!) :wink:


I celebrated my Goating by having 2 chocolate bars.

There is a Schiehallion Beer… Schiehallion Lager – Harviestoun Brewery


We shared a (small) bottle of champagne at the summit. Unfortunately it was very rainy, but the umbrella was large and good. Only 4 contacts on the Goat activation. A bit special, but I enjoyed.

73, DIZ


Maybe a nice dram. Lochnagar Malt is very pleasant and Lochnagar is as good a mountain as any to get your Goat. 10 points GM/ES-008.


I celebrated my Mountain Goat 10 years ago by drinking a bottle of Wainwright while ascending Condon Hill GW/MW-013 which was my Mountain Goat activation.

Jimmy M0HGY


Still my favourite (in both senses):


In the evening a good bottle of red wine was opened…

and I made myself a T-Shirt :innocent:

73 Armin


@MM0FMF They’d have to be liquor chocolates to qualify for this thread Andy (and you know how I hate to go off topic :wink:). I also find that chocolate on mountains either melts in the heat or goes rock hard in the cold.

@HB9DIZ Very posh Markus! Unfortunately now I’m a pensioner I’m not sure the budget runs to a Moët.

@MM0EFI That sounds good Fraser. I haven’t tried that malt (yet). The mountain is already selected for this occasion though. Helvellyn. I think the Munros will have to wait for next year, this one is filling up rapidly!

@M0HGY A fine tribute to the Lord of the Lakeland fells Jimmy.

@M1EYP :joy:. Do you have shares in that brewery Tom? And thank you for sticking to the theme and not nominating a tin of Baxter’s!

@DL6GCA I can’t wait that long Armin :joy:. A bottle of my favourite red will be opened for dinner tonight (a late Sunday roast). I like your sartorial skills!


Hi, with an Everest, without a doubt

73 & Good SOTA


Absoutely Jose! Every mountain is a personal Everest. I like the size of the bottle too (though it might be best left at the foot of the mountain for the post activation celebrations)!

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The first mountain goat was celebrated alone with a good beer from Hirsch Bräu. The second one together with the family.

Here, too, a good “hop tea” :beers:

73 Marcel DM3FAM


I’m very far to goat … one of these day :wink:


Practice makes perfect Eric - so many mountains to climb, so many QSOs to enjoy and so, so many fine beers to lubricate the path!

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My wife surprised me with a Mountain Goat T-Shirt and a cake ! Oh yes, and a nice cool Fransikaner Weissbier.



Thread forwarded to Mrs PJZ :wink:

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My achievement of my 330 Wainwrights of the lake District was celebrated with Wainwright beer and piglet pies.

The achievement of my MG on Ben Mc Dhuhi and the achievement of my MG (CW) on Skiddaw
Were all celebrated with a generous tot(s) of Jamesons Irish and “piglet pies”. (I can explain if required)

I have recently completed my activation of all the G/LD’s on CW but unfortunately no celebration took place on Arnside Knott G/LD-058, just a short party with my radio friends ( I had a train to catch), thank you all!



In 2013 with XYL enjoying a pub lunch and one pint (I was driving) in the very welcoming Glencormac Inn in Kilmacanogue, only a mile from the summit of Great Sugar Loaf EI/IE-022…


Celebrated my goat with Christmas dinner by huddling under a boulder and trying to force down a very stale peanut butter sandwich, before walking another 10km through some impressive but drenched kaarst scenery to reach the nearest (unoccupied) hut just on night-fall!

In a more general sense, once I got out, I celebrated with a nip or two of Talisker, then sleeping as much as possible for the next month or two, having summited over 220 vertical kilometers worth of peaks in the previous 12 months, 88 vertical kilometers of that in the 3 months before Christmas.

And buying a new pair of boots.

And promising myself an easier challenge for 2022!


Very impressive Matt. I think we have different ideas of how to “celebrate” :joy::wink:

Goat Celebration? Celebrator Dopplebock! (I believe that “bock” is German for a male goat - these beers kick like one!)