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Go West (Young) Man

Sorry about the no show yesterday for GM/SS-215 & 268 but the snow had it in for me.

Having had a predominately easterly wind for weeks bringing copious amounts of snow to eastern and central Scotland and with reports from the west wondering what all the fuss was about I thought I’d take my chance - specifically with a pressure ridge building quietening the wx down. So off I toddled down to FURNACE on the shores of Loch Fyne.

Heading over the REST & BE THANKFUL the level of a snow was looking worrying. And sure enough on arrival the summits looked dazzling in a fresh mantle.

Shouldn’t be that difficult I thought - fairly fresh and not too deep? So kitted up, off I headed for a long planned access to SS-215. Initially making good progress, attaining height, that easterly wind had done a good job of producing never ending successions of soft snow ridges which in turn had changed my gentle approach into a series of ‘louping’ (a good descriptive Scottish word - HERE) moves which in turn saw me up to waist at times wallowing! Emm this is getting serious? Time to retreat. The snow was just too soft without any time for consolidation.

If I’d had my snow shoes (long time since I’d used them - 2010), then maybe I would have made better progress?

Sad to turn around on what was a lovely day but I enjoyed the drive back home when I reverted to tourist mode and had a leisurely drive via Inverary, Dalmally, Crainlarich & Callendar - avoiding the ‘Grand Canyon’ potholes (shame on Scotland).

Till the next attempt?



PS: To rub it in! It has been so dry on some of the Scottish islands - RUM had a serious grass fire.


There is always a next time Jack.
Better safe than sorry

The 3 legged goat

I remember doing that return drive of yours on an off day (frequent hailstorms) and it was very beautiful.

Done that a few times Jack, not usually bothered about driving 150+ miles to not get an activation, just do, as you say, be a tourist for the day.

Saying that a few times I have ventured to the summit and thinking only an eejit would come up here on a day like this and realising after looking around that I was that eejit! :crazy_face:

Today’s rain will wash away all the snow - not we have had any here on the sunny Ayrshire del Sol.

Hi Jack, I was up there 4 weeks ago based in Arrochar. No snow at all below 600m, in fact there was more snow on the side of the M8 in Glasgow! Currently getting my GM fix by eating Tablet flavoured ice cream from a nice cheap German supermarket starting with L, :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Sorry to hear that the snow won on this occasion Jack. Such conditions are tenable when you are close to civilisation, indeed Paul and I waded though waist deep snow up G/SP-002 some years ago. However, in more remote parts such conditions command far more respect. No doubt the white stuff will be gone within the next few weeks.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Thanks Jack,

I had a similar loupin’ day on 13th February on Hill of Stake in Muirshiel Country park, (GM/SS-155). Surprising amount of snow but did finally reach the summit. We had a QSO I think? Splendid views but was dark when I got back to the car.



Hill of Stake was wet enough after a dry spell… you must have needed flippers after the recent rains and snow!

It was snow back in February, knee deep on summit, skis would have been best mode of travel!