When the boss phoned on Friday afternoon asking could I come in early on Monday and go home early I jumped at it like a shot.
Decided to go for nigg hill as it’s only 20mins from work in the wrong direction. As I’d been before I knew what to expect, it’s a good one if you don’t want to walk far. On a summers day I’m sure you could do it in 10mins, but with some deep snow in places I took a little longer. In fact I probably took longer to untangle the 40m dipole :slight_smile: once setup I had it activated quickly on 2fm but the qrm on 40 was pretty dire, all the signal reports were decent but some struggled to hear me over the noise. I worked as many I could until the battery died.

A few lessons learnt. Don’t expect a 2.8AH sla to last long if nattering on fm and then think you’ll have loads left for hf ssb :frowning: Also the resonant dipole is far batter than the prowhip vertical antenna plus atu.

All in all a good afternoon on the hill but wished I could have stayed longer.


Update: With the log done i see i worked 21 stations in an hour of operating. No too bad considering i spent half that calling CQ over the qrm :slight_smile: thanks again guys, hope to be out at the weekend somewhere claiming my 100pts!