GM7PKT/P Aerial Enquiry


I am intrigued by the 2m Quad that you take up the hills with you. Not withstanding the height from which you operate, you always put out a good 2m signal. For sometime I have wanted an aerial that would serve both SSB & FM without the need to take the SOTABeam down and reposition it. Can you please let me have the secret to your quad and explain how it ‘flat packs’ for transport.

Many thanks in advance.

73 Glyn

In reply to GM4CFS:
Hi Glyn,

I use a Sandpiper 2 metre Delta Quad. 3 elements in windy conditions and 6 elements if it is calm enough. See is for sale | HugeDomains

It is very lightweight but it needs some practice to put it together in windy conditions and it is a bit frigile. Having said that, I’ve been using it since May 2005 and I’ve still to find anything better.

You do need to telescope the mast down and turn the antenna 90 degrees between SSB and FM but that’s no problem. I originally bought the 3 el version then bought the extension to 6 elements last year. The clamp for the 6-el was a bit awkward so I’ve used my own clamp instead.

Hope this is some help. Let me know if you need further info.

73s Robin.