GM4OBK Scotland - activations last week

Activation reports on the last half of my period in Edinburgh can be found on my blog:

GM/SS-125 Scald Law
GM/SS-167 Black Hill
GM/SS-154 West Lomond & GM/SS-198 East Lomond
GM/SS-148 Meikle Says Law

73 Phil G4OBK


I was a bit disappointed to not get you on the Lomonds from my QTH in Gorgie. I really thought I’d have a chance. Wasn’t available for Scald Law and Black Hill but those would have worked better. Popped you a few tweets but not sure how active you are there.

Lovely reports

Edit: I think it’s because my properly made N9TAX Slim Jim is much more horizontally focussed than my DIY one or a 1/4 GP vertical, so I was just blasting into the rock and buildings around me - Gorgie is in a bit of a hollow and I’m I’m a ground floor tenement and I still haven’t sorted anything for mounting outside semi-permanently. Soon, hopefully.


Thanks for commenting Mark. I didn’t use 2m FM on every summit due to shortage of time and I had to be brief on Miekle Says Law on the last day due to the lousy WX and lateness in getting there. I’m hoping to go to Fife for a few days before it gets too cold so if you can sort a better vertical outside we’ll have a good chance of QSOs. My 2m set up on that trip was just a backup and not ideal - 5 watts handheld and RH-770 whip.

Today from Galloway on G/SS-170 Black Craig of Dee I had 50 watts and a dipole up 4m. It took 21 chatty 2m FM QSOs to flatten my 4 amp battery! Good to work a few of the G/LD weekenders.

73 Phil

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