GM4OBK GM/SS-196 Calkin Rig activation

73 de Phil


Phil :+1::ok_hand:

Thanks for another interesting report Phil. I enjoyed Calkin Rig… though ISTR that the track was rather covered in animal excrement. We parked at the road end of the track. I am always concerned that the car could be locked in, so I avoid driving up tracks unless it is documented as being okay with the landowner. Maybe I should buy some bolt croppers…

73, Gerald

Angle grinder is a much better idea.

Yes, there were cattle grazing on and around the track and lot of s#1t around as can be expected. Didn’t see a soul but there were 100s of pheasants around waiting to be shot - try to avoid the weekends when the wealthy shooters are out there this time of year. Nice to see and hear the whistling buzzards also on my way to the summit.

If I had wanted to be really cheeky I could have driven up to Calkin (boarded up house) where there was also room to park and turn round, but I settled for the first gate and enjoyed the walk.

73 Phil