GM4FAM 1000 uniques

Heartfelt congratulations to Cris GM4FAM on achieving 1000 unique summits chased.
Well done Cris.

vy 73 Mike GW0DSP

Congratulations Cris, well done !!

I only need a “0” at the end of my summits worked to get the same result :slight_smile:

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Well done Cris - a magnificent achievement.


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That was quick! Well done Cris. Quite mind-boggling to think of contacting people on 1,000 different hilltops.



Fantastic Cris, good luck with the next 1000!! Hope I’ll be able to give you a few of them.

73 de Paul G4MD

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Well done Chris

Graham G4JZF

Super Chris,
good luck with the next 1000. hope work u again…

vy 73 klaus DF2GN

Great work Chris - shows what you can do when you use all modes, it didn’t take you long to join the 1000 club at all - I looked at your 1000 uniques list and you only started chasing seriously last October! Mostly on HF too as you are out of range for most of the VHF activity.

Onwards to 2000 then…and a lot more chasers to join the 1000 uniques club in coming weeks.

Phil G4OBK

Congratulations dear Cris!
You have always a good signal from Scotland!
Vy73 es GL with the next 1000…

Congratulations Cris !
Very good job.
Many thanks for your reports when I was recently “/P” on some F/VO.
73 QRO,
Andy F5AKL

Congrats Chris,
it doesn’t matter where I have been, you have heard my signal and gave me good reports. It seems you have “big ears” and this have given you this success. Congratualation to this achievement, Chris. Greetings from Rottweil and hope to work you with my next activity.

73, Ralf DH3IAJ

Very well done Cris,

Hope to hear you from many more summits.

73s Robin, GM7PKT

Hi Cris ! Well done ! Excellent Job ! Many thanks for a lot of contacts with you in diffucult conditions . You did pick up me up every time !
73 and good luck in SOTA de Bernd DL2DXA

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Greetings all
Many many thanks for the kind words! I am a dyed-in-the-wool DXer, and SOTA by comparison is a very civilized refuge from the baying hordes chasing new DXCC counters (BS7H a recent example!).
Thanks to all the fantastic SOTA activators - what a fine bunch you all are and good ops too (especially on CW - the best mode!).
For the statistically minded, over 34% (345 summits) of my 1000 uniques are from Germany (of which exactly 100 are from TH association and 72 from BW).
I look forward very much to future activity in this VFB aspect of our hobby - and especially to activating a few more summits up here in Northern Scotland (you can be sure the morse key will be the first item to be packed!).
73 de CRIS

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and SOTA by comparison is a very civilized refuge from the baying
hordes chasing new DXCC counters (BS7H a recent example!).

Ah well I can usually hear you chasing on 40M Cris so if you’re missing it, I can whistle, shout “up” and tune/key at the appropriate moments for you if you want… :slight_smile:

Seriously… very well done and I agree this group/programme/reflector is a breath of fresh air compared to other DX’ing domains… and don’t even mention “the cluster”.

73 Marc G0AZS