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GM/WS-221, An Cruachan, another apology


can I apologise for giving out the wrong SOTA reference when out on Saturday 23rd July 2016. The correct reference and hill was GM/WS-221, An Cruachan - 706m. I think I gave the wrong reference to Arthur G4WSB. Apologies Arthur and thanks for spotting me. I did use the correct reference later during the activation

We went in from the east along the beautiful Glen Strathfarrar (restricted access) as far as we could drive to the power station (NH183381) then on foot via the bealach Clach an Daimh (enormous herd of red deer) following a faint path, and finally very rough cross country to the peak and a short steep ascent to the summit. It was a superb remote summit with stunning views, despite a short shower of rain.

There now appears to be only one unactivated 4 point summit left in Scotland!

Thanks and I’ll try to do better in future.




It happens at times as doing so many sotas must get confusing at times.

Great to reach you on 20m via Es was lovely surprise also.

Cheers again karl

Hi Colwyn
No problem on the error, you did tell me it was 211, as Bill G4WSB posted for you, no worries, many thanks for another one in the bag, very much appreciated.
Take care on the hills.
Cheers Ken G0FEX

Well done Colwyn on this rare one,

Had it on my radar for a couple of years coming in from the south on my bike via Iron Lodge (an area I had camped at a few years ago) then onward by foot to the summit. Was hoping to bag it later this year (it would have been a lightweight CW activation + 2FM). Have been too busy with house alterations of late to get much activating in this year. C’est la vie

And missed you S2S as I was activating G/SE-001 - for a Complete (5,7,14,28) on Saturday in beautiful sunshine with Anne sitting and operating alongside - but not checking SOTAwatch. So it looked like it might have gone on 7 & 14? And not even a potential Complete in the near future (Paul/Gerald - are for it? :slight_smile:). That’ll teach me - hi!



The PG Tips team are busy working at the moment earning the dosh and brownie points to allow us to get back north of the border. An Cruachan doesn’t look to be an easy one, so well done Colwyn on activating it. It probably won’t feature on our radar, unless we pick it up on one of our major annual outings. Who knows what the future holds? - we have nothing planned at the moment. :frowning:

73, Gerald G4OIG

Hopefully, some completes chasing for you as I polish off the remaining GM/SS summits South of Glasgow/Edinburgh. I’d have been out this weekend collecting Fell and Bogrie Hills but it was wetter than an otter’s pocket.

Thanks for the heads up Andy. I have chased both of those, but there are still quite a few to chase when time permits… and a number to make completes by activating them, when I find the time that is. Currently suffering one of the worst bouts of shack fever I have ever known, so much so I have even taken the kit out to work the 70cm and 23cm activity contests. That smacks of desperation!

By the way, it was wetter than a frog’s pocket for Paul and I when we activated Fell Hill - we found this one as we squelched through the wood en route to the farm. Needless to say it was zero visibility on the top.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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That’s impressive, especially given the limited time the road down the valley is open. We loved Strathfarrar when we gave WS-226 its first activation: but that little one was a challenge for us. Strathfarrar is definitely on our list to be visited again.

Caroline M3ZCB

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Agree wholeheartedly. It must be one of the most pleasant routes I have ever had the pleasure to drive. The time limitation did mean a bit of clock watching, but we comfortably managed a couple of summits in the time available. Unfortunately we had to go back for the easy Meall Innis an Loichel GM/WS-332, but that was because we allocated a decent amount of time to activating.

73, Gerald G4OIG

You are hoovering them up before I can beat you to it :slight_smile: You have the advantage of a better starting location. I did the two to the west of this one a couple of years ago. Loooooooong way up past Iron Lodge, helped by a bike ride. WS-114 and WS-137. It’s a right old remote part of the world.

I’ll be adding a 2x new GM 4 pointers soon-ish. Given the demand to first-foot summits and the fact that only 1 person can get that then probably some kind of special event is needed. I could just sneak it in and do it myself but that’s not really cricket. I’ll look at arranging some kind of S2S extravaganza so that more people can get involved (and buy the special certificate). You’ll all have to wait till I’ve activated what’s being deleted 1st however!


Ooops! Yet another apology. There are actually two unactivated 4 pointers left in Scotland.

I found that the key to a good day up Glenstrathfarrar is the one to open the gate at Struy.



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