Hi all

Sorry for (what was for us) a very poor showing on Sgurr Coire Choinnichean, Peak of the Mossy Corrie, (GM/WS-174).

The climb up was a late decision after a lunch time meal at the UKs most remote pub; The Old Forge at Inverie.

We had planned to do the walk today (Thursday) but with the weather being hit and miss thought get it out the way.

The walk up took slightly longer than anticipated (all our walking is catching up with us) so started the activation a little later than alerted. The first part is up through a wood then over a stile onto a very steep boggy section which seemed to go on forever. This reached a boggy plain called The Flats which skirts round the top of a big gully. After this the real climb starts up a lovely ridge with one “airy” traverse which leads to the top of the first peak. A gentle drop to a col and then a easy climb to the true summit; which is only just shy of 800m. A few metres below the summit, sheltered from the breeze, is where I set up the vertical antenna for 20/40m.

I started on 40m with Robert (G0BEB) being first in the log (thank you for the spots). What was so noticeable last night was the very high noise level experienced; mostly at the S8/9 level. This noise along with very rapid QSB (and people calling over each other) made contacts difficult.

Knowing we had limited time (the climb took close to 3 hours) and wanting Helen to qualify the summit the antenna was reconfigured to 20m.

After a short while I noticed that Helen was getting confused reports so checking Sotawatch realised that she was on the same frequency as another station which we couldn’t hear (sorry). Helen moved down a little to continue the activation where she had a nice run including a VE and a JA.

On the way up we had a little rain, which didn’t last long fortunaly (didn’t want to come down another hill early) which allowed us to press but on reaching the top could see more was on its way.

We knew we had to clear the top by 2100 bst at the latest to guarantee being off the worst of the hill in daylight. As it was the weather began to close in badly with the mizzels so reluctantly closed down.

After an uneventful desent we arrived back to the place we are staying at just after 2300. After removing one tick each (not had one for years) showered then bed.

Again sorry for the poor show on a very rare summit.

No more hills for a couple of days, all the walking is taking a toll.

Carolyn (currently GM6WRW)

In reply to G6WRW:
Thank you Carolyn and Helen. It was great to get you, Carolyn, in the log under difficult conditions. Thanks for a new unique - much appreciated. Thank you also for the effort involved in getting to the summit. I am glad to hear you had a safe descent. 73 Tony, G8BVJ

In reply to G6WRW:
I did listen out for you, but the skip was against a GM-to-GM contact.
MM6YCJ/P on 14285 was readable being line of sight from here, and I tried to forewarn about the possible confusion using the Sotawatch.
Sorry i missed out on what would have been a unique, hi!
73 de Ken

In reply to G6WRW:
Thanks Carolyn for the unique. I was waiting for you to pop up on 40m and hoping it wouldn’t be 7118, which was full of QRM for me. You were peaking 59+ with me on 7102 so very easy copy.

So I think it was a good show. Have a much deserved rest now and I hope to work you again on SOTA in the near future.

All the best,
Andrew G4AFI