GM/WS-093 activation cut short by electrical storm

Apologies for the abrupt end to activation on GM/WS-093 (Maol Chean-dearg) at 15:18 on 17/9/2011. Severe interference suddenly started across all bands (I couldn’t hear any stations above noise) and on looking out from under bivvy shelter (as it was raining) it seemed thunder and lightening was about to start. Swift dismantling of station and equally swift and wet descent ensued.


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Hi Colwyn.No need to apologise your own safety is paramount.It was a pleasure working you on the other hills you did.The hills will be waiting for another 73 Geoff G6MZX

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Certainly no need to apologise Colwyn. I was very glad to work you on Sunday when you definitely had a better day!

Congratulations on being first to activate four un-activated GM/WS summits over the weekend :slight_smile:

Thanks & Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

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to activate four un-activated GM/WS

It’s not just that they were unactived but where they are situated. Lurg Mhor and The Cheesecake (Bidean a Choire Sheasgaich) are a little remote. And I think there’s some wire bridges to cross never mind actually getting to the start of the climb. ISTR Lurg Mhor is one of the remotest Munros. Never mind that, just driving from Stromeferry (No ferry) to Achnasheen is breathtaking. Leaving the main road (it’s still single track in places) and going into the country is really rather wonderful :wink:

Please say you have some photos Colwyn. Oh, and welcome to static rain. Fun, it’s not!