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GM Summts close to M90 & A9

After some planning advice as I will be travelling to Dingwall just North of Inverness from England on Monday and hope to have a few hours spare on my journey up. I was wondering is there any easy to access smaller summits just of the M90 and A9 to activate that anyone’s has done before. I am planning on the minimum ammount of kit for 2m SSB and a 40m EFA as last a last resort.

Thanks in advance for any advice

In reply to M6WKR:

In the top right hand corner of every SOTAwatch page is a line of blue links. One of them is “Mapping”. Select this. From the map pages select GM. You will then be able to view summits near the M90 and A9 that lie in the SS, CS, and maybe ES regions.

See what is in range, then check SOTAwatch for previous reports by searching on the summit’s name. Or checking the information held on each summit by following the Summits link.


In reply to M6WKR:

Off the top of my head the only wee hill off the A9 that I’ve done previously is WS-271, Cruban Beag, but you’ll get naff all on 2m SSB from there seeing how it’s mostly surrounded by the bigger stuff.

But have you seen how windy it’s going to be on Monday? windy with a capital W I N D & Y. Tea and cakes at the mountain cafe, Aviemore day if you ask me :slight_smile:


In reply to M6WKR:

Maybe CS-109 by Inverness, not done it myself though.

May get some calls into Inverness on 2m.


In reply to MM0GYX:
Thanks for the advice chaps if the weather is kind on the Monday may try for Moncreiffe Hill GM/SS-276 just of the M90 on 40m band and may have the chance to activate Mount Eagle GM/NS-151during the week.
Don’t think the weather is looking to good for the week some websites reckon there may be a bit more snow on the way, be shame a to spoil my fun, not often to get a chance like this for a while.


In reply to M6WKR:

try for Moncreiffe Hill GM/SS-276

Nice little hill. It’s on hard paths most of the way, just the last ascent is off path. There’s a big car park now for people to use, saves blocking the roads round the houses.

You have checked on the WX for Monday? From MWIS:

“Westerly 60 to 80mph. Gusts may reach 100mph.”

“Frequent snow, hail; risk lightning. Precipitation falling on and off all day as snow and hail showers follow one after another,”

Just so you know it may be a bit wild even though SS276 is only a wee lump! Best of luck.


In reply to MM0FMF:
Thanks Andy for the tip, good old UK weather always spoils the plans if I can’t activate tomorrow there is always the return journey.

In reply to M6WKR:

Hi, I activated Birnam Hill GM/SS-221 on Saturday. Park at Dunkeld and Birnam train station on the A9 and take the signed footpath up the hill. Easy summit with some shelter in the trees, although there was some snow on the path.