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GM/SS Jaunt

16th - 20th July GM/SS

Just a short stay in Argyll, so probably only two days assigned to SOTA activations.

Likely targets are:

  • Tuesday 17th GM/SS-016 and GM/SS-006 with the possible addition of GM/SS-020
  • Thursday 19th July GM/SS-040 and GM/SS-046

For the three-summit day I’m likely to take a minimal approach to activations or I will run out of time. Hoping to have two chasers in range on VHF, except when they’re off enjoying themselves otherwise!

Dates and summits are subject to revision! Bands will be 2/70 with possible HF 40, 30 or 20m, most likely CW (perhaps using my Mountain Topper).

I shall take Richard’s FT-70D, so if I manage to get into a node perhaps I’ll appear on SOTA Link!



I hope you have a great time in Argyll this week upcoming up and manage to do your planned SOTA activations while there. We will be in Snowdonia the following week just after you get home, so wondering if you will be in Snowdonia then as well and if so, I hope to work you on 2m fm from you summits and maybe meet you also for a joint SOTA activation, meal or drink.

Jimmy M0HGY

Back to work that week unfortunately. But we’ll be around GW/NW and then G/SC (Dorset - Flight Refueling Hamfest) the fortnight following.

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That’s unlikely Simon, but hope your activations goes well in GW/NW and then S/SC in the following fortnight.

Jimmy M0HGY

A change of plans overnight meant reconfiguring for a quick single-summit activation this morning. The chosen summit was GM/SS-027 Ben Donich.

The weather was less than ideal.

I arrived ahead of schedule and managed 3 QSOs on the FT-70D (FM mode) using the stock antenna. Thanks to @GM7GAX Bobby both for the QSO and the GPX track.

Then I used my 8-m pole on the trig pillar for a 40-m dipole. On SSB chasers from as far distant as EA7 worked me. It was nice hearing some G and GW stations too.

Thanks to Allan @GW4VPX for correcting my spot. Apologies to those stations who read my 026 spot. Please correct your logs to GM/SS-027 - @EA2CKX @PA0INA


Today (Wednesday) weather conditions were ideal.

My summits were GM/SS-016, GM/SS-006 and GM/SS-020. Again I had difficulty spotting due to little or no phone signal, but was fortunate to have lots of spots from chasers. Thanks very much! The only hiccough was when my own SMS spot came through an hour late when I was half way down Beinn Ime!

Here’s a picture at the last summit - The Cobbler

My final 2-m session was cut short by battery depletion. Many thanks to all chasers.

Total hike was 16km, with about1530m of ascent and descent.

Fortunately they have some very nice local beers, but even so my legs might not cooperate with plans made to activate any summits tomorrow!



I hope you went through the hole and operated from the top of the stack!!

Thanks for the S2S yesterday when you were on Beinn Ime and I was on Cruach Ardrain.

Good luck on the Brack today…it’s steep.

73 Rob GM3YTS

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Thanks Rob.
Saw the hole. Didn’t try squeezing through!
I’m going to de-scope today - just doing a little one. :sweat:

Thanks for the summit-to-summit.


Great to see that picture. It is 58 years since I went through to hole and got to the top. The only reason I could do it was that there was an RAF training group there who took pleasure in making it possible for me.

I “threaded the needle” many years ago before SOTA but not activated since. Local ales include Loch Lomond and Fyne who have a nice bar/visitor center ar Cairdhu open every day except Christmas.

I see you did SS-218. I hope you took a photo of the trig and loch.

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9 years ago :wink: should look similar whatever time of day :grinning:

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GM/SS-218 was a really nice summit. I took the FT70 but didn’t do too well from here on 2m. With the view down Loch Lomond I’d hoped it might do better. But 40m did fine, with mostly G stations.

Rather than keeping limbs loose this was quite a strain on tired legs with a stiff ascent through the forestry. But the views from the top made it all worthwhile.

Many thanks to all chasers.


Last GM/SS for me for now, activated this morning on 2m - GM/SS-286. What a lovely location with great views westwards.

Thanks to Duncan MM0GZZ for the face-to-face chat!

I might just sneak in one more summit, but south of the border. G/SB-009.

Today’s two summits, GM/SS-286 and G/SB-009, both presented great views. Here’s my set-up Lamberton Hill with the GB3BT repeater in the background

Ros Castle also presented a foraging opportunity, with nice ripe bilberries :yum:

Many thanks to all chasers, and to GM7WFT for the summit-to-summit (GM/SS-171)


Blog reports now complete:


Hi Simon.

Thanks for the links to your reports and also the contacts.

Big congratulations to Helen your XYL on her new callsign M0TMD…another chaser and activator on 60m now :slight_smile:

73 both de Allan GW4VPX

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Thanks Allan :grinning: - almost forgotten about 60m, having never even tuned up on it, till Simon alerted me to Jonathan the other day!

You were a cracking 59 btw

73 Helen M0TMD

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I was similarly reminded about 60m by a fellow activator a few months back. I’ve found it to be a fantastic band for early morning activations. I’ve had QSOs with ops closer than 200mi and as far as 600+. It totally replaced 80m for activating purposes for me.