GM/SS-272, Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh. E-mail permis

Just to reiterate previous information. Arthur’s Seat (SOTA ref; GM/SS-272) is Crown Property and written permission must be sought before transmitting from the summit, or anywhere in Holyrood Park. There does not seem to be a problem gaining permission and the Park Ranger service is very helpful.

The Park Rangers provide written permission and can now be be contacted by e-mail at

They need to know in writing why you are seeking permission to transmit and when you intend to transmit.

The Rangers patrol the park, mainly for public safety reasons, but could potentially apprehend an illegal radio operator.

We were once informed by the Warden/Ranger on G/WB-009 that you need to seek permission there too (even to use a H/H).

These sort of rules do seem a bit daft considering that a very large percentage of every visitor to the location is probably using a radio transmitter in the form of a mobile phone (or at least have one turned on in their pocket that will be chattering to the base station).

Stewart G0LGS

In reply to G0LGS:

Given that the Scottish parliament is less than 1km from the summit of Arthur’s Seat I could see that there might be legitimate security concerns for this particular summit. That said, a little common sense generally goes a long way. I suggest carrying a copy of your license and perhaps a list of SOTA summits and of course being polite and prepared to back down if asked to leave.

The only real objections I can see to SOTA activities are: noise i.e. spoiling the enjoyment of others; damage to archaeology e.g. by driving pegs into the ground; obstructing access by putting up masts/stringing antennas across footpaths etc. Two of these problems can be avoided by early morning or late evening activations.

While it is of course arguable that a landowner should in principle have a veto over activities on their land, in England and Wales at least, it is generally rather tricky to find out who owns a piece of land and I generally ask myself would the (typically tenant) farmer be pleased if I knocked on his/her door over something so trivial.

In many countries being caught transmitting without permission from a site overlooking their national parliament could get you into a fair bit of trouble!


In reply to M0RCP:
I am planing to go to this summit in time between 10-13 February this year.

I hope I am not arrested as a Spy from Norway.

73 de LA1KHA Kjell

In reply to LA1KHA:

You should be OK as long as you are not from England

73 Rick

In reply to M0RCP Rick:
After e-mail and a telephone to Scottish government and Park Ranger I now got a written Permission for use of radio /HF on the summit.

10.120-cw, 28.200-cw I belive would be activated.
73 de LA1KHA Kjell

In reply to LA1KHA:

Good luck! It’s a great summit.

73 Rick

Travel to Scotland in evening Friday 10.feb 2012
Will bring with me only KX1 rig and 5m compact fishing pole(Tanks to LA1ENA Aage) Will do 10.120- Cw. If no possibility to spot will try 7.032 +/-
Most possibility Sunday. Leaving for Norway monday evening. Any local Sota chasers can try +4790860149 for sked/pint

73 de LA1KHA Kjell

Activation without problems, BUT Sunday is not the day. here are more people than in a Norwegian Village. So short activation. But thanks all.
Time up 15min .
Some photos here.


73 de LA1KHA Kjell

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