GM/SS-260 Carrick Hill

27/02/2016 MM/CT2IXX/P
SOTA GM/SS-260 Carrick Hill, 1 point.
Nice weather,not so much cold.
VHF-FM with 8 contacts:
2M0NCM/M Neil
GM4SQM David
GM3YDN Dennis
MM0ZIF Marcus
MM0OVD Derick
GM3MQO Garry
GM3NIG Dennis


Hi Jacques,

Good to talk to you yesterday on Brown Carrick Hill. I was just leaving my work, about 5km SW of you but behind a hill so that blocked a lot of the signal. I am glad you managed to get enough contacts to get your points.

And you got good weather for Scotland! :wink:

Enjoy your holiday.

73 Neil

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