GM/SS-254 - Cairnpapple Hill

As we where passing by on route to Falkirk, the one of the quick hills looked to be Cairnpapple Hill.
Parking up on the layby after the gateway to the field gave a short walk across to the trig point in fairly dry weather but a little wind in the air.

At the trig point, I set up on 2m with a roll up antenna on the 5m pole and connect the FT857.
Spotted and called CQ. I think I made 15 on 2m and then got the HF linked dipole setup, moved to 20m and 40m and made another 10 contacts. One of the being an IOTA station on the island of Coll.

The rain did make an appearance while on the hill but moved away to the west coast
Cheers to the chasers.