GM/SS-195 Mendick Hill

Poor weather this week but today there looked as though there might be a gap in the rain so I could try for Mendick Hill again. A lightweight trip with just one 4Ah SLAB.

It’s a nice little hill; I followed (more or less) the route described by Andy MM0FMF in the summits info, though at this time of year the summit ridge is a trek over very boggy ground; I like my ridges nice and sharp, not flat like this one. Good views from the top with Berwick Law visible to the north east (in the sunshine!), round to Broomy Law, Black Mount and Tinto in the south, and back to the Pentland Hills in the north. I had it a bit cloudy, with a bit of drizzle whilst setting up for HF, but it then cleared and at least it was dry if a bit chilly.

No alert had been posted, I wanted to see if it’s still easy enough to activate from cold. I started with 2m - but no response either on SSB (bare FT-817 plus SOTAbeams SB270) or FM with the new Alinco handheld (bought with a view to talkback for future 23cm and up operation). So after 10 mins of futile CQs I set up for 40m where there are always customers at present! I first found Philip PA1OCC calling CQ so we had a nice chat, then left him to put out a SOTA CQ. It turned out that 7.118 was open for business, and a short call brought Don G0RQL in for another nice chat. Many thanks to Don for the spot.

Once spotted the rush started of course - many thanks to all chasers for contacts. There were about 15 in under 20 minutes, and once things went quiet with no more takers I decided to try 2m again, but still no joy.

I think I’m going to have to give up 2m, SSB or FM, for weekday activations from the low hills which are really pretty poor for 2m, most of them being surrounded by bigger ones. However I will definitely try again with the better antenna and a bit more oomph when I get up the next biggish hill - likely soon with the winter bonus season approaching - could be why I’m only on little ones just now :slight_smile:

Looking forward to some nice crisp perfectly clear days in the winter - it’s certainly getting colder now.


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You must have found the only rain free ‘pocket’ in Scotland…although the Arrochar Alps are looking good this afternoon, probably the first time I’ve seen them in days