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GM/SS-146 - apologies for abandoned 5MHz activatio


Apologies for abandoning my 5MHz activation of GM/SS-146 earlier today. With our holiday in Scotland officially ended, we decided to spend the night in Blackpool and squeeze in one more SS activation on the journey there. The climb of Ellson Fell started in sunshine but it started raining about half way up. At the summit it looked threatening, but I set out the dipole anyway. However there was some thunder and lightning, and we thought it prudent to drop the antenna until it passed.

While waiting, Caroline and I managed to qualify the summit on 2m FM, mainly on the waterproof VX7 handheld.

I still wanted to activate on 5MHz, and had a brief go after the thunder had passed, but was hearing S9+ noise. Apologies if I trampled on anybody else or failed to hear calls.

A little later, with the antenna on the ground, I heard G7KXV/P on WB-002, and put the antenna back up for just long enough for a quick S-S, but I could barely make him out though the static despite a strong signal. With the noise and general level of electrical activity, it didn’t seem sensible to leave the antenna up any longer, so with some reluctance we decided to retreat. Conditions did start to improve a bit, but by then we had simply run out of time and needed to continue our journey.

So, apologies to anybody who saw my alert or heard me work Ian and was expecting a proper activation.


In reply to M1MAJ:

Martyn, Never apologise for doing the right thing. The activator is King and safety is always the number one concern. After all if you get struck by lightening we won’t be working you on any more summits will we. An explanation is always very welcome especially were there can be worries that you are okay.

I was listening for Ian G7KXV on FE (5.3985) when you called. I couldn’t hear Ian on this summit but you came though at 5/7 and then just disappeared. The static noise at that time was S9 here too. Glad to hear that you at least qualified the summit.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday.

Steve GW7AAV