Gm/ss-129 27/12/15

Sorry to anyone who was listening out for me today. After setting up the HF station a gust took down the 7m pole holding up the antenna, snapping the top 2 sections. New pole ordered, but it wont be here in time to reactivate GM/SS-129 for bonus points in 2015.



Hi John,
Sorry to hear of the accident - at least it was only the pole that broke (by the way I guess you know you can unscrew the bottom of the pole and drop out the broken sections, leaving a slightly shorter, but more sturdy, pole?).

I presume you are referring to the 3 activator-only winter bonus points? I think these are usually still available until March, of course it would have been nice to activate in 2015 and 2016 and get the points twice, but that’s life!

73 Ed.

and I thought I was the only one who had heavy rain, high winds, snow and low temps around my shack this time of year!!!

Hi Glyn,
My sympathies with anyone affected by the horrible Eva storm in the North of the UK. The pictures we’re getting here are horrible, especially of Manchester and York (my old county town).

Here in Bavaria, or in Germany in general it’s remarkably mild at the moment, but that can change very quickly around here, so while the weather stays mild, I’m going to try to get another activation in on Tuesday. Hopefully HF band conditions may improve a little by then as well.


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