GM/SS-008 an apology

Hi everyone

If anyone was waiting for me to come up on HF today from Ben Vorlich then please accept my apology. Apart from the awful weather, 200 feet from the summit I get a mobile fone call from XYL with some bad news from home. Had to get off hill soonest and get home so unfortunately it became a quick smash and run on 2m FM.

I will, however, be back up Ben Vorlich in Jan/Feb as it is such a great walk so look out for me then.


In reply to GM4CFS:

Sorry to hear of your problems Glyn. It is a nice walk though from Ardvorlich. I liked the comment on the spot that you could now see the trig point. I remember that when I did it with Brian G(M)4ZRP we could see the trig point from where we parked and for most of the climb. In fact it appeared to be taunting us as we worked our way up as it never got any nearer for some time!

I think I prefer hills where you only get to see the trig/summit cairn at the last minute. Beinn Ghlas, Ben Lawers and Stob Binnein are like that. You can sense you must be nearly at the top and then suddenly your head pops up over the edge and there is the prize.

Better luck next time.


In reply to MM0FMF:

Thanks Andy. Problems all resolved now so can start planning next trip out on Monday. The summit had been in cloud all day so unable to see trig from carpark but had seen it on previous recce of site. Finally got to see trig about 400 feet from top. I was lucky there was only one other couple on the hill unlike the time you went up there. can imagine that weekends during the summer it can get like the M8 hence I walk from sept to may to avoid most of the hill tourists.