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GM SI-land Mull and Pitlochry - 2m fm??

Fraser: Sorry I couldn’t work either you or John from my /lP location (I did nip out to listen and try) but good effort persevering on the S2S contacts. Ample vindication of the old saying:“If at first you don’t succeed…” etc.

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Saw your 2m spot (via Ken @GM0AXY) from Glas Maol today Viki. An easy chase from my work at Westhill. By the time I’d got out to the Land Rover, you’d already gone up to 70cms.


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M6BWA’s ankle is having a day off so M0JLA is trying for several small uniques/completes.

M6BWA Sorry Fraser about zipping to 70cm so quickly but, especially here, I tend to grab any 2m around and then rush to 70cm to see if any of them can/will get me on 70cm. Don’t spend very long on this and return to 2m (475 in this case I believe) and then 500 for another go at waking people up. The ones I find are very helpful and friendly but not many seem to have 2m fm!

May try to concoct today some details of my contacts so far if I can cope with this keyboard. Ankle is up on a bucket and asking why I have been up 4 Munros* in the last couple of days, (Answer - Glenshee parking is 660m and there are almost no tussocks and stiles - and (on the west side) there are lovely flowers, golden plovers and ptarmigan. Yesterday few flowers but hares and nearly stepped on on a fluffy baby grouse! * Got to check if Cairn of Claise 1064 is on the list! (PS It is!)
73 Viki


A brief summary on the 2m/70cm section of our (with M0JLA on HF) Scottish trip so far which has not gone quite as planned back last November when the accommodation was booked. Sprained ankle end of January then became tendonitis apparently and I have recently started treatment and exercises but this affected which summits I could attempt - especially on Mull. but we also hit bad weather with high winds and much rain. This improved at our second base near Pitlochry when we even had to give up a second small summit as it was too hot! When planning I had decided to work only 2m and 70cm fm and only beg a contact on HF if I received no replies at all. The only time this happened, on Airds Hill N of Oban, this strategy didn’t work as M0JLA failed completely as well so that was a complete ‘no show’ so the only achievement was finding the best way up as we descended! (Hint - even better is not to bother at all!)
On the drive up
GM/SS-289 2M - 5, 70cm - 4 White Hill gates now locked, we met the farmer
GM/SS-120 2m - 12, 70cm - 8 Cairn Table Had to shut down on the callers, no more time
GM/SS-279 2m - 4 , 70cm - 1 Kerrera Island Lovely walk, a s2s enabled me to qualify
2 failed attempts GM/WS-346 Airds Hill (no contacts) and GM/SS-159 Bhein Ghlas ran out of time and dry weather
GM/SI-153 2m - 4, 70cm - 2 'S Airdre Beinn Good route and lovely summit
GM/SI-101 2m - 2, 70cm - 1 Beinn na Drise Pleasant but sodden at the end
GM/SI-106 2m - 2, 70cm - 1 Beinne Buidhe Conditions bad, no HF left quickly
(My grateful thanks to Colin GM0HBK and Gordon GM4OAS on Skye and at Mallaig)
Failed attempt at GM/CS-107 Drumcroy Hill. New deer fence with a gate in but no way (except over it) to reach the summit that we could find.
GM/ES-028 2m - 4, 70cm - 2 Monamenach Dry! 70 mins to get the 4th contact
GM/ES-035 2m - 4, 70cm - 5! Mount Blair Using a filter for 2m.
GM/CS-116 2m - 4, 70cm - 1 Hill of Persie - So hot we gave up on the second hill.
GM/CS-030 2m - 10, 70cm - 3 Carn A Gheoidh Included 2 Munros on the walk,wanted 4 on 70cm!
GM/ES-012 2m - 7, 70cm - 5 Glas Maol Called for 70 mins then went to 2nd Munro, Views!
THE END so far (23 June)

Still one more day to go near Pitlochry then 2 nights near Carlisle and a brief dash to Low Fell if the ankle is OK, and drive back to the Welsh borders on 28 June.

Sorry the log is not very impressive but Fraser MM0EFI is well aware of the problems I was having - and he uses a bit more than 5w I suspect. Thanks everyone who chased me for their support.and to M0JLA who is currently on his way up his 2nd hill (out of 4??) so please listen out for him on HF on GM/ES-064.


On occasion, yes. Lately 5 W from the handheld into my 4-ele beam or my slim-g. The big rig (ft-857D) only goes up the hill when I fancy some 2m SSB, which can be even more frustrating/rewarding eg. only 2 contacts from Mount Blair, but caught @G0RQL Don down in Devon from Glas Maol!




Thanks for the 2m QSO today Viki and thanks for taking me first. Sorry if I was rather demanding. I was balanced on a wall and if I moved the radio more than a few cm, your signal dropped right out.

Mo had dropped me off at The Queens View with a coffee, a cake and my handheld. I waited for you while she nipped into Aboyne for some shopping. This worked out rather well - she reappeared mid QSO!

That’s my Complete for GM/CS-077 too. :grinning:

Hope you guys enjoyed your time up here and hace a safe journey home.

Fraser MM0EFI