GM/SI Frustration!

The cruise saga continues. Or should that be the Saga cruise continues?

Either way, it is somewhat frustrating to be anchored just off Lerwick all day and unable to go ashore! Well I could go ashore, but only on an organised booked tour (tight Covid protocols) and then I would be restricted to looking out from the inside of a coach! Not my style!

I know I couldn’t go activating any SOTA without the supervising presence of the G Association Manager, but it still looks great walking territory for exploring around. My appetite is certainly whetted for a trip here with Jimmy @M0HGY or even a family holiday with the full team.

Meanwhile, today I’m operating from my cabin balcony on 18MHz FT8, where MM1EYP/MM seems to be very popular!


Wonderful place Shetland. I still have unfinished business there including the summit visible in your second photo.


Hi Tom

It’s a pity you didn’t arrive earlier in the week at Lerwick you could have logged GM/SI-171 and GM/SI-086, great summits to activate enjoyable walk up to Ronas.
Managed to get some DX in the log book using the 17m and 20m bands may be time for the transatlantic event.

view from the parking area.

Was wondering if this was your boat coming in to range😊

Back home for the weekend so hopefully get the chance for some chasing.



Would this be the one?

Bressay Hill, yes. I was on Hill of Arisdale (Ward of Otterswick) and worked GM4SLV/M on Bressay which would have been a nice S2S. John was working at one of the commercial towers but sadly his radio/antenna were firmly affixed to his works Land Rover and so he was not a valid SOTA activator. Annoying.

I must go back when someone else like Tom is there to gather some completes.

Oh yes. I’ve been yearning to return since 2007 but it looks as far away as ever at the moment :frowning: