GM/SI-012, Clisham


apologies for the short activation today on Clisham, highest peak on the Western Isles. Background noise level rose to S9 when the snow started. It had already been raining and the wind was pretty strong, so the snow was the final straw and I abandoned the activation.

Will try to do better next time!



That sounds like static snow. Paul and I have experienced that… appropriately on Gathersnow Hill GM/SS-077. The descent in near white-out conditions was quite an experience. Good fun in hindsight. :grinning:

73, Gerald

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I was Harris and Lewis at the weekend, it was lovely, a few showers.
I had hoped to activate GM/SI-200 but only had the handheld with me, could find a way to secure the 5m fishing pole to the motorbike safely. Plus I was running short on time with so many sights to see and so many fabulous roads to explore on the bike. I was with six other bikers and only on that island for a day and a half.

Guid Scottish weather - ye canna beat it! :crazy_face:

No snow today but very windy on GM/SI-026 and showers on the descent. Plenty of shelter in rocks around summit.