Gm/ns-152 23/12/2010

Sorry for the problem on 7.033 cw today the PFR-3 stopped sending dah’s.
Got it working here in the shack so can only guess a bit of water ingress, would rather have a broken connection.
The weather was great, view great, sitting nice and warm in my bothy bag something had to happen.

See you on the next hill hopefully.

…Lots of activating next year…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Andrew GM0UDL

In reply to GM0UDL:

Sri to hear about your equipment failure Andy. At least it occurred after you qualified! Damp and low temps have a lot to answer for. Noticed you worked 2m and 40m CW.

Must be cold up in GM, it’s bad enough down here.

Thanks for 160m QSO’s the other day. Lovely signal from you and Cris considering the time of day!

73 and happy new year to you and Cris,

John G4YSS.