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Could those of you who worked me today on gm/ns-138 on 40m please confirm the qso via email as I stupidly left my log pens and pencils at home. I can remember a few calls off hand but it would be nice to fill in the blanks for the database

And thanks


EDIT, contact details on the qrz.com page

In reply to MM0TAI:

Hi Adrian, I wonder if you had a mobile phone with you that is capable of recording video or sound? I was in a similar position to you on my first SOTA activation, which was totally unplanned as I only intended saying Hello to Rick M0RCP at the bottom of Pendle Hill & I ended up at the summit while waiting for him.

I had a 2m / 70cm handheld & also took my Yaesu FT290R, as well as a 2 Litre bottle of Diet Coke a motorbike helmet & 14 bags of Hula Hoops in my rucksack. As I said, totally unplanned! Hi!

Anyway, I had no pen or paper so I used my mobile phone to record the activation so I could log it later. I was sat down on the sheltered side of the trig point with the FT290 tucked in my jacket. I rested the phone on top of the radio & this worked perfectly. In fact when I listen to the recording I doubt I could record something so clear at home, let alone in a gale & cloud on top of Pendle Hill Hi!

This was perfect for transcribing the log from as I made sure I repeated any reports or callsigns.

I have been clearing some files from my website but the video is still online if you want a loook. It was also my first attempt at embedding video in a webpage & as it is a Windows media video so it may not work on your computer.


Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

In reply to G0VOF:
Hi mark, as suggested your link brings up a black page with no video, using Mac OS X 10.6 and firefox 3.6

You know i should have thought and used my iphone!! Too cold to use the notes and typed but i could have used the voice recorder. DOH!!! Theres a 1st for everything. I forgot the coax once…and i dont think there’s much i could of improvised with!!!



In reply to G0VOF:

The correct URL is http://www.dogswebspace.com/g0vof-sp-005.wmv

opens ok using xine on Linux

Colin G8TMV

In reply to G8TMV:

Ah Yes, as mentioned by Andy MM0FMF at the time, it may be advisable to click on the source file rather than try to view the video using my rather crude first attempt at embedding video.

Of course, I would have transferred it to Youtube if it wasn’t over twice as long as they tend to allow with my type of account.

Thanks for the interest though, & hopefully the idea may lodge in the back of an activators mind for future reference, if they also happen to be on a summit without pen or paper.

PS I forgot my ATU once, but thankfully I had made my multi band HF antenna resonant on at least one frequency on each band I had made it for.

These things happen & we live & learn :slight_smile:


Mark G0VOF