GM/NS-013 A'Mhaighdean & GM/NS-021 Ruadh Stac Mor 12/06/2021

I was able to escape for 2 days and head north, although the weather forecast was not the best. I had a late start on Friday 11th, as forecast for the wind dropping and rain passing in the afternoon allowing a reasonable activation of GM/NS-002 Sgurr nan Clach Geala. Then I camped overnight in Poolewe, with good food and a couple of beers.

I originally planned a very early start, but a late check of the forecast indicated the weather was better in the afternoon!! Well, by better I mean gusts on the tops dropping from 45 mph to 40 mph and better visibility!! I had packed the tent and on my bike about 0715.

The plan was to cycle via Kernsary, picking up the stalker path on the south side of Fionn Loch and cycle as far as I could towards the causway across to Carnmore. It was going to be a long and tough day of almost 50km…

The two target summits are centre right, they dont look too far?

First 7km of cycle was easy, after that it was proper single track mountain biking. Dodging rocks, drainage channels and banging your pedals. Slow and hard work.

Left bike just short of the Carnmore causway

my route ahead with path climbing above Dubh Loch

The causway

Carnmore house on right and bothy on left

Looking back with causway between the two lochs, good path all the way up.

Its starts to get tougher, path snakes up the rocky western side of Ruadh Stac Mor towards the col.

Looking a bit cloudy on A’Mhaighdean, what you cant see is the wind which was was wild!

Fuar Loch Mor to the west as I ascend into the cloud on A’Mhaighdean. Water looking a bit choppy with the wind! That was it, brutal wind with no visibility and rather wet. But I managed to find the summit and do a brief activation of GM/NS-013!

Weather clearing as I ascent Ruadh Stac Mor, doesnt look to bad on GM/NS-013 A’Mhaighdean now!

Fuar Loch Mor and the view back to Poolewe in the distance

Its a steep ascent through the boulders with a scramble below and above the boulder field. You can see why its translation is Big Red Hill or Big Red Stack.

On the summit of GM/NS-021 Ruadh Stac Mor, weather clearing but the wind still strong so another quick activation before heading for home.

Clearer as I head back down towards Carnmore

Clearer on the summits, but the wind didn’t really drop. On my way back out a squall almost knocked me off my bike!

A long and tough day, just short of 11 hours. I only managed 17 & 19 qso’s on the two respective summits which is disappointing for me, but great to work so many HB9s S2S. Also if you worked me please check you have logged the correct summit, RBNhole spotted me at 1039 & 1049z as GM/NS-021 when I was in fact on GM/NS-013. I started activity from GM/NS-021 at 1212z.

73 Gavin


That’s some jaunt Gavin!

I had a wee adventure of my own at the weekend, which the wind curtailed slightly. Report to follow, now that I’ve caught up on my sleep.

amazing place and pics!, congrat!

It’s a beautiful and remote area. Many, many years ago I did a multi-day hike around Loch Maree and I recall we camped near the summit of Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair GM/NS-006. Pre-SOTA days of course or I would have grabbed the 8 points. :slight_smile: I’m staying at Kinlochewe later this year for a few days and will hopefully try for a gentle activation on a lower summit in the area.

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Hi Gavin

Impresive effort on activating those summits and great photos of your adventure. I was planning on activating Bidein Clann RaonaildGM/WS-313 hoping for a S2S,. But work took over for the day and currently nursing a bad knee didn’t wish to rush about. I was glad to work you on GM/NS-002 +9 to my summit I was using a KX3 EFHW for the QSO.

Nice area to visit currently on a work trip to the WS area I had to get a boat over to the Letterewe estate to visit a site, did you visit the The Wishing Tree it was one attraction I wanted to visit.

I believe NS021 and NS023 are just over the other side to the right behind what I think is Beinn Lair GM/NS-027

My best photo this week Eilean Donan Castle



That’s a cracking photo of Eilean Donan Graeme. One of those where the light was just right. Most of the time I’ve been there it’s been somewhat damp :wink:

Gavin, most impressive activation. I’m not sure I could do the walk from the causeway up one of them at present. Never mind two of them and big ride in! What does surprise after lockdown and periods of inactivity is that some basic fitness returns quite quickly. Even though I’ve only been doing easy walks I’ve been trying to push the speed up a bit to cut down the times. That and upping the effort on my torture cell (rowing machine) and surprisingly my legs have recovered quickly after walks now. It’s fighting old Father Time that is the difficult task.


It always amazes me that it can be blowing a hoolie and you can see no more than a few metres in the mist.

Well done on an absolutely cracking outing. Naturally I am not jealous (oh yeah?). I was confined to domestic family duties over the weekend which entailed quite a few miles of wheelchair pushing (70kg), so some training benefit, but none of the superb views that you had. Hopefully it won’t be long before I get north of the border.

Thanks for a brilliant report, I think I’d need an overnighter - or a base camp to manage that! Many years ago (38) camped in Coire Mhic Fhearchair and climbed up the two nearby munros that evening. Almost didn’t see a soul, or to be more precise didn’t see anyone until relieving myself (in the middle of nowhere) when a group walked round the boulder 30m away… :slight_smile:


Hi Graeme,

glad you had a good trip up, you were very loud also and guessed NS150 was not far away. I looked at the map later, line of sight to the Fannachs.
Nice pictures and recognise the jetty for Letterewe, we must be in the same line of work as I have paid my money to Barbara for the boat in the past! Bidein Clann Raonaild GM/WS-313 is quite a long track but a nice summit with good views, hope you make it up again before long.

73 Gavin

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