GM/ES-074 Ord Ban

A very quick activation yesterday due to wet weather. Apologies to anyone who was waiting for me to appear on 20m.


Hopefully the weather kept the ticks at bay. That is the only summit on which I have actually seen a tick on the outside of my clothing. Thankfully a quick back-hander removed it.

Steph reckoned she seen a tick. Never seen it myself however. It wasn’t a nice day at all, the rain fell 3 hours ahead of the forecast I had. There was a troop of army cadets camping at the base, keener than me.

I really like this summit. So far I have one success and one “rain stopped play”. I was going to do it again on my trip North but it was a bit wet. Though by Inverness it was basically just a bit damp and by the time I crossed the Dornoch Firth it was dry with the clouds lifting. Well above 700m by the time I left NS-133 summit.

/P in IO88 square.

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