GM/ES-049 Ladylea Hill - some DX and EU on 10m

I only had the afternoon to play with, so headed for Ladylea which is a 35m drive from home. I was last up it in May 22. Weather was nice and sunny for a change and the strong breeze on the summit was warm, so it was mostly a tee-shirt job. With the sun busy flaring and chucking CMEs our way, the bands are a bit of a lottery at the moment, but I wanted to do a field test of my new 2el 10m tent-pole yagi.


KX3, 10m yagi, Sotabeams linked dipole 20/40m, 2m slim jim and Quansheng, al 6m telescopic pole, Spiderbeam 7m pole. QRV 1350-1630 UTC.

I put the slim jim up first and tried for some local 2m contacts. The Deeside crew either couldn’t hear me or were busy elsewhere, but I got one local - GM0APN in Oldmeldrum. A QSY and CQ on 145.5 then brought the surprise of the day - a S2S with Andy, MM7MOX/P on NS-091, 84 miles North of me.

10m was pretty quiet, so I thought at first the yagi test was going to be a dud, but a spot was rewarded with calls from DJ2MX and EC8ADS, so the band was open and to EU as well for a change. More CQs brought silence though, so I dropped to 40m which produced just 6 chasers, including EA2DT.
20m seemed in poor shape - I got a quick S2S with EA2EXN with a lot of QSB and a spot brought just 2 chasers - DL8DXL and DL2HWI
Another 10m spot and EA2EXN called me but nobody else, so I had a look around the band. YB0AR, YE4FDB and JY5JA were very strong but working large EU pile-ups and I could hear quite a few of the EU stations calling. I worked 9A9RR 59 both ways, then another spot brought a call from Chris F4WBN who blew my headphones off -over 59+20. No other callers though, so more band scanning. Found TR8CA working split, and I got him at the second try with a 59/57 exchange - happy with that! I tried an unspotted CQ and was rewarded with a call from SP4SV, but nobody else, so I called it a day at 1730 local and was back at the car in 45m.
Overall, not a bad test of the yagi, which behaved itself in the wind. At home, it seems to be 1-2 S points better on receive than my moxon, with a better F/B, although band conditions (and lousy weather) lately have stymied A/B transmit tests between them - band either shut or just a few signals with a lot of QSB. Anyway, I intend to persevere with it.


Excellent report Simon. That yagi certainly looks the business on the Spiderbeam pole. Most impressive! You certainly are a glutton for punishment in terms of carrying weight up a summit. :grinning:

Good to work you on that meagre peice of wire that you used for 40m.

73, Gerald


Is your Yagi home brew or a commercial product?

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Hi Paul,

Its homebrew, adapted from the build using tent poles shown by VA7BIX on his HamJazz youtube channel

73 Simon

The yagi weighs just over 2Kg including the boom, so its not too bad. I have to use my Al mast though - its a bit too much for the Spiderbeam I think.

That’s interesting. Ally poles were more or less de-riguer when I started SOTA back in 2006 before glass-fibre telescopic poles became popular and I must admit I never had trouble rigging them. Mine is only 25mm diameter with swaged sections. I even had 2m, 70cm and 23cm antennas on it for one activation… all ally booms and elements. I did find it easier with a telesopic pole and plastic boomed 2m yagi which is still in use today, some 16 years on.

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Well that’s lighter than your 2m yagi!

Sorry I missed you.

It was sunny in Westhill and I was busy selling beer and burgers. Back to normal weather today though. :cloud::cloud:


Hi Simon, our s2s on Friday was a very welcome surprise for me too.
I’m glad we were able to qso yesterday as well when I was on Creag nam Fiadh GM/NS-136 for your complete on that hill.
I’m hoping to get up Ben Griam mor GM/NS-089 today and Ben Heil GM/NS-103 tomorrow if my legs are up to it.


Actually, no. The 2m yagi weighs 1.1Kg.

Very happy to get that Complete. I knackered my knee on that hill - took a couple of months to recover. Hope the rest of your activations go OK. I won’t be chasing I’m afraid as most of my gear is packed for our upcoming trip to Sicily.