GM/CS-109 Meall Mor

Looking for a bit of advice please…

Google shows a Forestry Commission track leaving the A9 and leading to what looks like a parking area at the start of the walk up this hill. Is it open to the public, or would I be better parking in the lay-by a few yards further down the A9? Thanks.

I did this one recently. You will need to park in the lay-by. The gate is locked onto the forestry track. I’m not joking when I say take wellies. The ground is very wet lower down. And watch your step, the tree plantation has left some nasty holes in the ground.

(images fixed mm0fmf)

Apologies for being upside down, Steve Jobs has a lot to answer for :joy:

Thanks Adrian. Layby it is! Andy also sent me some useful information on access on forestry commission land in Scotland. I’ll see how I get on with time etc, but hope to make a quick ascent at lunchtime before starting work. I won’t be bringing 2m as I’ve never had much joy in Scotland and time will be short. best wishes,:upside_down_face:

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I would tend to agree on 2m. Not compatible with SOTA ops but you may get some local response on GB7BI or GB7II possibly. If time allows go to the slightly lower north top for a better view into inverness. Have fun and enjoy the highlands :grinning:

Sorry traffic, accidents and road works conspired to eat into my 2 hour window. Didn’t get up Meall Mor. I’ll see how I feel in the evenings (here till Wednesday).
Thanks for your advice though Adrian (the gate was indeed shut as I passed)

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