GM/CS-107 - Robin struggling for contacts

Spots doesn’t appear to be working? So:

1318hrs - GM7PKT/P GM/CS-107 - 144.310 - SSB - Also listening 145.500/400 FM

He was spotted at 1241z but is unfortunately inaudible here.

Good afternoon Brian,

Don’t know the problem with the Spot facility - strange.

Yes he is struggling in terrible wx.


If only there was some way of putting a notice on the reflector and pinning it to the top of the list of threads until it had been read.

spots working fine on me mobile :slight_smile:


Ooh, sarky!

I just looked at the weather radar, it looks nasty! Pity he doesn’t do 5 megs…

Listened and can’t hear him. WX is horrible here.

EDIT: He’s behind Ben Cleuch and Ochills from here. :frowning:

Thanks Jack and Robert (GM4GUF) from trying to drum up some activity.

It was just one of these days, alerts weren’t working, spots weren’t working initially (but I eventually realised that DroidSpot was working) then it started raining and I was standing in rapidly melting snow. :slightly_frowning_face:

Just 2 contacts in 3 hours so another visit will have to be planned.

Ah, just like the good old days. I remember that scenario a few times.

I’m a tad preoccupied lately or I would have tried to make the contact.

73 Neil

What a shame Robin. The summits appears to be in a not too bad location for east coast amateurs but it looks like there were nought-about!

I had to head off down to my Mum’s otherwise I would have been in the shack and possibly been able to ‘drum’ up some business for you.

And on the plus side - this was a new one for me and on the vertical on ssb. Presume you were using horizontal? And of course gives me that extra incentive to ‘get-the-finger-out’ and put the 10xy up this year along with the new 13cms kit.