GM/CS-104 Beinn a’Bhacaidh

Last minute decision to active this one today. Rough track some of the way, and just heather bashing for the most of it. Nav skills very important on this one, could be easy to add in a lot of extra unnecessary ascent/descent. The wind was taking a fair toll on my Sotabeams Minimast, always amazed at how much abuse it can withstand. Best DX was N1GB, my best certainly since buying the KX2 also. Also out to Skye on VHF :smiley: Thanks to all the chasers!



Not an easy contact by far band has gone well depressed again


Beautiful pictures.
Thanks for sharing.
I love seen the different scenaries you all are enjoying in your activations.


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Yeah lots of noise and qsb to deal with today on the bands.

Great photos and thanks for the posting a report - George is great at DX SOTA, got him in the log today from EA7/GR-002, always nice to hear him at the other end - and it has been a while for me!

Regards, Mark. M0NOM

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