Christine and I were on GM/CS-060 Morrone, close to Braemar, yesterday. When I sent the spot by SMS I mistyped it as GM/CS-069. Typing using a mobile phone isn’t my strongest point, hi!
We may do another hill tomorrow, Wednesday… probably GM/ES-046. Look for us on 5 MHz or 7 MHz if there is propagation. Yesterday, we got nowhere on 7 MHz, the olny caller hrd was from Italy and he couldn’t copy us.
73 de Ken

In reply to GM0AXY:

I heard both you & Christine calling on 40m Ken, approx 15 min after your spot, you were weak though about 3/4 in Buxton so I decided to see if conditions would improve before calling - I think you must have given up. I didnt realize you were short of contacts, Im sure I heard Christine giving someone a 5/7 report. Hope conditions pick up.
73 Steve.

In reply to GM0AXY:

I was impressed when I saw you were doing An Dun CS-069 as it’s a bit of a trek. In fact I was very impressed. Didn’t think you would suffer from “fat-finger-trouble” the same as I do. I can relax now that I know you aren’t Chris Bonnington in disguise. :slight_smile:


I also heard you & Christine, realised I was not tuned up & when I got back you were gone. I believe you were on 5MHz after but no spot.

73 Graham G4JZF