GM Activations on Fun Day

Just to say ‘well done’ to those who ‘activated’ under horrendous conditions up here in GM land today also to those who attempted to. Graeme 2M0GIL, Jack GM4COX, Neil 2M0NCM and also those I never worked Robert GM4GUF and also Robin GM7PKT…
Thanks for the ‘chaser’ points and hope you all have had a warming ‘wee hauf’ as you arrived home.


In reply to GM7GAX:
Yes indeed Bob, had a great day, although I think I had the best of the snow conditions, only 3-4 inches. Thanks for all the QSO’s. 2 Welsh S2S and 2 GM’s S2S. Also to Jack COX for patiently trying for the S2S, if you could only have seen me balanced one foot, 4 feet above the ground, radio stuffed down the jacket, mic in one hand and beam in the other. At least we made it. Well done.

And as you said in your email Bob “not often you can complain about a Welshman and a Manxman causing QRM on your frequency…”

I enjoyed myself, only 9 contacts, would have liked more but I think the height I was at was a slight disabilty, but never mind.

Hope to speak to all soon, 73’s


P.S. Next VHF fun day - can we have it in the summer???

In reply to 2M0NCM:

At least you could get out of your own road! I’ve never seen anything like the snow around here, well over my knees at times as I went for a wander this afternoon and blisteringly cold even though the sun was shining.

Congratulations to everyone who got out and up. I’m most jealous as I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Never mind.


In reply to MM0FMF:

Like you Andy I had hoped to get out up West Lomond but the snow was too much. Having got caught in the traffic last night trying to get out of Edinburgh when the police closed the M9 and all the Bridge traffic was going from Newbridge past the airport to Mulberry up to Barnton and along the Queensferry Road in driving snow and ice. Took me 5 1/2 hours to drive the 35 miles from Sighthill to Kirkcaldy a journey that would normally take me 35 mins !


In reply to GM4CFS:
Thanks to all stations worked & for the spots today,managed S2S with both Jack and Neil,looks like the East has came off worse with the recent snowfall.Mainly hard packed ice around the Glasgow area.On GM/SS-129 Meikle Bin it was no more than a foot at its deepest.Snow was very dry and not too bad for walking in,worst part was the access road from Fintry which should have been closed in my opinion.Vhf fun day seems to have been a success and happy to have broken the ice(pardon the pun)with my new year activation today.
HNY to all


In reply to GM7GAX:

Sorry to miss you Bobby I heard you at one point working someone and then didnt catch you, as usual I spent most of the time on 2m SSB. Nine S2S, 29 worked in all, with all the activity on SSB I only worked 2 on FM.
It was -9C in the car park at Tinto but light wind so with 8 layers, 2 hats on and winter sun it was just bearable up there apart from fingers! Powder snow from top to bottom so I could have done with some skis.
Jack would have been visible with binoculars.

Great fun again, thanks all.

In reply to 2M0GIL:

Thanks for the contact Graeme
I could copy you from my parking spot below Middlefield Law GM/SS-184 at NS688315 I say parking spot, Its the first time I’ve had to dig a parking space.

A passing car stopped and asked if I needed help to get out!
I said I was ok and didn’t say I was trying too dig it in!

I then got booted and headed for the summit, but after about 100mtrs it soon became apparent that I couldn,t push my self thru 1mtr deep snow and headed back to the comfort of the car!

I was able work you and Jack GM4COX the 17 miles back to my driveway in Larkhall and was going to give you and Jack my finals on the shack radio but when I switch on I heard Robin GM7PKT on 5.398.5 from GM/WS-303

Thanks again to all the activators worked today.