GM accommodation options

“SOTA on Tour” heads north of the border at the end of the month.

I have been using a combination of youth hostels, and cheap rooms (usually in private homes) from the Theatre Digs List for my accommodation needs on my travels. However, for the upcoming Scottish dates, there is significantly less options of both hostels and theatre digs in the areas I’m going to be.

My itinerary is based on the gigs booked in (obviously), and the summits I’m allowed to do in Jimmy M0HGY’s absence (ie ones he’s already done). I did try to persuade him to join me on this leg of the tour to increase the options, but the logistics didn’t really work out.

So basically, I’m looking for recommendations for cheap (ideally £20 or less) beds for the night on the following dates and areas. Any local knowledge from GM / NE England?

30th October 2018: Middlesbrough / Northumberland
31st October 2018: Ayr
1st November 2018: Glenrothes (or down towards Edinburgh)
2nd November 2018: Peebles / Kirk Yetholm area
3rd November 2018: Glasgow or anywhere down to Penrith

Potentially the four nights in Scotland could be at one central location. I just really want to keep my SOTA activating ticking along while I’m away! Any tips/advice greatly appreciated.

There are a number of websites (and apps) that list free sites where people have stopped overnight in motorhomes. You could sleep in your car in those locations. Get a Greggs Pastie for breakfast and you will be well within your budget.

Rock-and-roll lifestyle.

Never tried a Greggs pasty but recently tried their sausage rolls for the first and last time. About 10% meat…

Phil - for sausage rolls, you need to activate G/SE-002. Those they serve from the cafe in the tower/folly on the summit are superb!

Sleeping in my car is reserved for a nap taken as needed on long late night drives home. It isn’t something I’d want to do for a full night’s sleep, which I can’t imagine would give me the rest and comfort I would want or need. I think I tried it once - but I only had to go straight to bed once I got home, so it didn’t really work!

The annoying thing now is that when driving along and thinking to oneself “I’m getting tired, I should pull over for a nap”, you can’t just go into the services. They are all full of cameras designed to pop you a bill in the post if you stay more than two hours - so can’t risk nodding off. No, you have to exit at a junction instead and find a lay-by. It never crossed my mind I might need a website or app to find them though; there’s usually one within a quarter of a mile of most motorway junctions.

Anyway, back to my search for cheap beds in GM/SS…

I know the Edinburgh & Glasgow hostels (one of the Glasgow ones is an ex Hall of Residence for the University) but Stirling might be an option for you. Don’t disregard the Associate hostels - I can recommend the Tomintoul one (but useless for your trip :frowning: )

Mountain Bothies Association has some cheap digs.

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It’s a shame the old Sinclair hut in the Lairig Ghru in the Cairngorms was demolished - now there was a palatial bothy with every imaginable amenity - running water inside and out, and plenty of fresh air, to name but a few.

I hear the newer Corrour bothy has fewer charms to recommend it than the older one.

As recommended to me by G0EVV - £27.50 for a budget room. Still not managed to stay there but will sometime. May be too remote for your needs - but possible one nighter?

73 Phil

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Jimmy M0HGY

Tartan Lodge, 235 Alexandra Parade, Glasgow G31 3AW - from £8.00 a night. TBH I haven’t a clue what its like!!

In fact just typed “cheap places to stay in central scotland” in Google and it just popped up with loads.

Edit: And you can park all night at the APCOA multi-storey car park at the Royal Infirmary 350m west for £3.00 a night. Cost me £8.50 yesterday after visiting Cat in there!! She wanted to go out for coffee to get out of ward - expensive coffee.

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[Blog entry] (Catterblog: SOTA Cycling Weekend June 2013 - G/SB-004 Peel Fell)

Bellingham - thanks Neil for the remember.

Really good bunkhouse here Tom - had it to myself when I stayed there 5 years ago (SOTA Cycling) take your own food - good cooking facilities if required.

Uesd to be under the auspices of the YHA but now appears to be independent.

73 Phil

I can add:
Peebles Kalzie bunkhse 07859 888186
MBA 1 mile up track at the end of the tarmac top of the Etrick Valley. The Tushielaw Inn however serves good food and beer!
Eddie Stobart depot North Carlisle
Bells Bothy Dunbar 01684 560253
YHA Kirkyetholm 01684 5689140
YHA Twice Brewed Hexham 01629 592559
Metro Inns Teeside 08450555555

Other than MBA all these break the budget, but not by too much.

There is a B&B in Kielder village (YHA now shut) but it breaks the budget X 3


Langdon Beck YHA - Short walk to the Langdon Beck Hotel, and a wee drive and wander to activate Burnhope Seat. £15 which leaves enough for some grub and a pint at the Hotel. Hostel is basic but OK and has a shower - which will be quite handy if you find the boggy route up Burnhope Seat

Middlesborough - about an hour as is Newcastle … unless it snows and then about a week…

I have a vague recollection that the DSS used to keep lists of cheap b&bs. Might be worth a call?

Langdon Beck YHA would have been perfect - but reception doesn’t open until after soundcheck starts, and closes before I’d get there after the gig - so no way of checking in or getting in. I think I’m pretty much sorted thanks to the Theatre Digs Booker (for industry professionals), the Glasgow & Edinburgh YHAs (which have 24 hour receptions) and the other useful recommendations above in this thread - so thanks to all.

I’ve not booked anything yet, so feel free to keep any ideas coming. It would have been a lot easier if Jimmy M0HGY was coming with me as then we could do uniques instead of me being restricted to repeats - of which we don’t have many in GM/SS! But, a deal’s a deal, and hopefully he will join me on the GM leg of the tour in 2019.

Hmm, it looks like you need to raise your hourly rate Tom!

I can recommend Ferniehirst Mill Lodge near Jedburgh. B+B is £35, but you might get a decent rate without breakfast. Paul and I have stayed there and while it is basic, it is comfortable enough.

There will inevitably be a couple of stops on each leg of the tour with that sort of nightly cost. I’m perfectly happy with basic / dorm accommodation though, so I aim to keep the cost down when I can.

I stayed in Campbeltown a few years ago for about 40 quid (lost my pound sign!!) a night but had the whole house to myself - bliss! :grinning: