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Hi all
I have been using Landseft for a while, but now, the software doesn’t want to run anymore. The problem comes with the Java version; now I have version 1.8 and the program needs version 1.7. I suppose that Landserf is no more updated so what do you think ? A new GIS software ?
Thanks for your help
73 Alain F6ENO
PS: using W10

I don’t know the software you use but maybe try QGIS? open source and multi-platform.

The Windows 10 Java implementation, does have the following option:

require the specified version to run

This “suggests” that you could install the old version of the JRE in a different directory and tell Windows to use that one.

Of course if you don’t have version 1.7 installed, then you will get the following error:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>java -version:1.7
Error: Unable to locate JRE meeting specification “1.7”

I guess it depends how much you want to keep using Landserf - presuming whatever is stopping it from working with JAVA version 1.8 isn’t going to be fixed?



I just checked my versions running here:

Landserf 2,3
Java build 1.8.0_25-b18

No problems (other than lack of processor power and memory!)

This system is 32-bit (Win 7 Starter), but I’m sure my other Windows / Linux 32/64-bit installations are also on Java 8. Are you sure it’s not a 32/64-bit issue? memory allocation?


Hello Simon, Ed, Tasos
Thanks for your help.
I will try to find a solution to this problem.
Of course, I’ll inform you if it works
best 73
Alain F6ENO

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