GIBRALTAR ZB2/SQ9NOT/SQ9MDF support needed!!!!!!

We’ve been traveling around Spain for several weeks, it’s a bit warmer here than in the north and the equipment is heating up.

2.08.2023 we will be on the rock in Gibraltar ZB2. This is a geographically and historically important place for us (a Polish general died here). We have permits to transmit in the 2m band. We are asking SOTA’s Spanish friends to spread the word. Any help is important We will be calling 2-4pm local time. Mountains connect people. Thank you and welcome to the ether. Wiola Leszek


Leszek & Wiola,
I wish you good luck in the expedition, I will spread this info to my EA7 friends to support if possible.
A pitty there is no chance for HF in ZB2…

Don’t expect much lower temperatures South Spain, although things are a big better near the sea.

Good luck and ask if you need anything.
73 Ignacio


Good luck with the activation.

I did not know about General Władysław Sikorski until now. Many thanks, he was a major figure in your country’s history.


polska to ma zbyt rozbudowaną historie
Poland has too much history leszek


today’s activations of EA7/GR-002 001 ate a lot of energy. 01.08.2023 In the morning we watch the Alhambra Palace and then RONDA -city ZB2 2-08 2023 15.00-17.00 local time…

sq9not sq9mdf


ZB2/ Reciprocal Licence.
License restrictions::
Operating from the top of Rock and certain other designated areas is not permitted.


What about operating 25 meters vertically below the summit??


Can you publish the full licence restrictions? The AZ is actually quite large as it is a relatively flat ridge line. Of course everyone who activates would wish to stay within the rules around locations and bands.

It’s on my potential list for another Association in Europe at some point. If the license restrictions are such that it’s not possible I’ll stop researching it.

Because of the restrictions I didn’t pursue the possibility of a reciprocal license for the day I visited on my recent trip.

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Just the VHF only part or did you have additional info regarding restrictions regarding potential operating positions within the AZ?

Edit: I was thinking of something like FT8 on 6m… which would overcome my complete lack of Spanish to work 2m FM.

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Official govt regulator website has application form & info. No mention of restricted locations, but there are contact details in the application form, so you could try for a definitive answer


Didn’t get as far as actual restrictions on the “rock” itself. The one thing I would be concerned about is almost all transceivers that do 6m also do all HF bands. Trying to convince a customs offical that you weren’t going to operate on anything other than VHF would be almost impossible. I wouldn’t want to run the risk of having to explain and having equipment confiscated.

Being on the border of EA7 and ZB and having a ZB2/… license and an explanatory letter from GRA to the Customs Office, I spent almost 1 hour at the border, because the customs officers could not understand why I was bothering them and what equipment I was bringing and what it was for. They didn’t understand our hobby at all. Only a phone call helped and an explanation from the GRA meant that me and my FT-857 could enter ZB. The human is always the weakest link and contact with GRA is very helpful and explains the complexities in detail. The GRA warned me not to cross the border without declaring a TRX at customs. The issued license ZB2/… contains the TRX name and its (TRX) serial number.

And I confirm, the lack of knowledge of the Spanish language to work on 2m prevented me from successfully activating, and colleagues from EA7 made it clear that ham spirit does not work and either the QSO will be in Spanish or it will not be. I would be better prepared today.

I keep my fingers crossed for Wiola and Leszek. I will be proud if they manage to activate.


Good point!

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Very useful info!


And I confirm, the lack of knowledge of the Spanish language to work on 2m prevented me from successfully activating, and colleagues from EA7 made it clear that ham spirit does not work and either the QSO will be in Spanish or it will not be

This problem is not new, unfortunately !
Between customs and all those who put obstacles in the wheels, good luck Leszek.



Pillars of Hercules

After yesterday’s activation of the northern part of the Pillars of Hercules i.e. the Rock of Gibraltar ZB2/GI-001, today Wiola and Leszek are planning to activate the southern part of the Pillars of Hercules i.e. Monte Hacho EA9/CE-001. So far, the peak has only been activated twice.

Wiola and Leszek - good luck and fingers crossed.


Hello Wiola & Leszek

I hope you were lucky yesterday and that you both had enough QSO to qualify in VHF. Please let us know how it was your experience.
73 and good luck today.


Wiola, Leszek,

I also want to activate ZB2/GI-001 on VHF at the end of september 2023. Is there a preferred frequency, to make a QSO with Spanish HAM’s?

Hopely you had good luck with your activation!

73, ON4ROB

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The Rock of Gibraltar is a big challenge for the activator. The entrance to 400 m is the least problem - pleasant alleys and several attractions on the route (cave, adits). The range in the 2m band seems to be sufficient even for qrp stations. The problem is the lack of willing correspondence stations. We expected such a situation but we love challenges and we did not give up. We climbed to the top, as usual, on foot at the end of a tourist day. we called for a few hours - that’s how it was many years ago when we started playing with Sota with only 2 m at our disposal.
2 colleagues from Ceuta applied. In addition, I found a broadcasting site by walking greania from the Sky Walk site. Entrance without technical difficulties but requires the use of hands. This last episode will let you remember the rock…