GI4ONL & MI0JST Congratulations

The two Victors have completed their activations of all the NI SOTA summits.
Congratulations to you both and thanks for the s2s contacts today while we were on Lord’s Seat.

Nick G4OOE

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Well done guys,great achievement.

Steve MW0BBU.

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Well done both of you and thanks for all the contacts along the way.



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Very many congratulations to you both.
Looking forward to more contacts and hope one day for some s2s with GI.

We plan a visit sometime, possibly next year, so hope to catch you then.


Congratulations Victors on activating all the GI SOTA summits. However to date both me and my Dad Tom M1EYP have activated Knockiveagh GI/MM-016 which both of you have not activated due to this being removed from the SOTA programme.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations both. What next 8)
Thanks for the summits.
Mike G6TUH

That’s a very naughty comment Jimmy! :slight_smile:

Congratulations to both, some achievement that. Jimmy and I do hope to emulate what you have done in the years to come, as I have a soft spot for GI and Jimmy is half Irish courtesy of his mum (originally from Larne).

We know we can consult about access/permission/routes/tips etc from you two in the future, asuming you’re cool with that? We are just over a third of the way through with 23 out of the 66 (all-time) summits activated. Of course, there’s only 65 valid summits now, as Jimmy very ungenerously alluded to! :wink:

Well done on a fine achievement.


Many congratulations Victor and Victor - as they regularly say on TV, “in no particular order”. An excellent achievement indeed. :slight_smile:

Have you estimated how many trips up Knockiveagh GI/MM-016 carrying bags of soil and stone it will take until you can apply to get it resurveyed and reinstated? :wink:

73 and I will look out for you from EI in due course,

Gerald G4OIG

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Many congratulations to you both. I hope to work you again S2S before too long.

Karen 2E0XYL

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Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for all your kind comments, it was really good fun going round them all, especially with a great walking buddy (that’s you Victor #2). We will probably do quite a few of them again as time and other commitments allow. Thank goodness Knockiveagh GI/MM-016 has been removed as it appears to have been an arduous 10 Min hike from a car park along a path up to the trig, I’m not sure we would have made it! ;o)

Hope to hear you all from a hilltop very soon, thanks again!


Victor MI0JST

Congratulations to the Victors on being the first ever to activate all the GI summits, I can only imagine the considerable effort involved in this achievement in sometimes less than perfect conditions.

Also well done to both of you for activating over 100 uniques and Victor GI4ONL I see you have recently became a “Supersloth” with 10,000 chaser points, another great accolade.

It was a pleasure to work you both many times from the summits. I look forward to many more, keep up the good work and you never know one of these days you may eventually persuade me to come with you…maybe!

73 Martin MI0RTY

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Congrats to Victor #1 and #2.
A great achievement.
I have a lot of catching up to do, with only 4 GI’s in the bag so far :slight_smile:

Never mind, I’m planning to be in God’s country in a couple of weeks time and hoping for enough time for a couple of AH or MM activations.

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Morning Tom

If we can be of any help just give us a shout, We didn’t make notes of any of them unfortunately, I wish we had now as there’s been quite a few here and there!
We have plenty of photos though to help jog my dodgy memory!


Victor MI0JST

Thanks for all the kind comments.

When I first mentioned SOTA to the other Victor in January 2012, little did I think that 2 years later we would be the first to have activated all the GI summits. As Victor said it has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience, we frequently get asked which of us is Victor #1; if I am asked then it has to be me, or if JST is asked then of course it has to be him: therefore the answer is very simple, we are joint #1, hence “The Victors”.

Jimmy, your reference to Knockiveagh GI/MM-016 is akin to me suggesting that you and your dad haven’t activated all the G summits because I notice you didn’t activate G/LD-002, G/SB-002 or G/SB-003 before they were removed from the SOTA programme. Anyway all this talk about deleted summits is pointless, (PUN INTENDED) !

To all the chasers we owe a great deal of gratitude. Hopefully it wont be too long before we will be back on the hills and we are already planning quite a few first time EI activations for 2014 along with re-doing some of the others.

Pete, your description of our homeland is duly noted and approved, I look forward to working you from the summits if you manage to get out.

Martin, when is the next blue moon due so we can plan on getting you out on an activation :0


Victor GI4ONL

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Congratulations guys. Well done.
73, frank.

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Well done both.
Thanks for the GI summits I’ve managed to chase over the past couple of years.

best 73,
Robin, GM7PKT

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In reply to M1EYP:

If we can be of any help just give us a shout, We didn’t make notes of
any of them unfortunately, I wish we had now as there’s been quite a
few here and there!

Belated congratulations to both of you - an impressive achievement.

Martyn and I have our first trip to GI land booked for May, so hope to work you then. We’ll be based in the Mournes, so if you have any tips for parking
or routes for MM-015 or MM-014 they would be gratefully recieved. I think I’ve got routes for the others we might do.

Caroline M3ZCB.