GI4ONL - 1000 Activator points in 2019

Well done Victor. A jolly good achievement !

Dave G3TQQ

Well done Pal.
It was my pleasure to be part of our FL/VO activations.
Slainte Chugat. Pete M0HQO

Hi Victor a great achievement well done
Paul 73 and HNY

Well done Victor (and thanks for the chases on my own more modest activations).

Thanks for the kind remarks folks.
I have submitted an article for the next SOTA news which I believe will be published at the weekend.

73 Victor GI4ONL

Great achievement! Thanks a lot for chasing us, too!

73, Sylvia & Peter

Brilliant achievement in one year. I’ve often wondered in how little time someone could get MG status - now I know. I’m not sure I’ll ever get there though!

I’ve just looked up your activations for last year. Wow!! How did you find time to eat, sleep?