GI summits this week

Jimmy and I will be activating some GI summits this week, including our first venture into the Sperrins GI/SM. Most activations will be early mornings, so might be tricky for securing the challenge multipliers on 6m or 10m.

Therefore I would very much appreciate any local GI/GM/EI chasers checking the spots in the mornings and listening for me for a possible groundwave contact.

Hoping to kick off with a local one to Larne tomorrow, then into the Sperrins through the week.


Look forwards to hearing you hopefully 40m will improve a bit.
As for 10 and 6 come to conclusion that Es has no clock it does when it does for what ever reason and all ways give it a try You never ever know till you do.

Like said clocking north Wales on Es on 20m yesterday most unusual seeing am not too far from there certainly not ground waves by watching and listening to his signal riding in off the skip.

PS may the weather gods and Propagation gods be kind also


Pleasantly surprised at 22 contacts on 10m this morning. Jimmy elected for the lie in and did not join me, but intends doing so for Slievetrue tomorrow morning.

Nice one Tom - was listening, skip on 10m too short for me. Condx excellent on 17m and 20m to USA excellent today around 1700z, poor short skip to EU at the same time though.

73 Phil

Hello Tom,
Couldn’t copy you this morning on 28MHz both SSB and CW. Could you please try 17m CW sometimes? Need one more GI summit for MHA.
Thanks! 73!
Serge RK3BY

We have now moved up GI from Larne (where we stayed with my father-in-law for 2 nights) to the shores of Lough Foyle, Co. Derry for the main part of the holiday. A couple of activations near Larne were done Sunday and Monday mornings - Agnews Hill GI/AH-005 and Slievetrue GI/AH-010. Tomorrow (Tuesday) morning should see us tackle our first unique of the trip and our first venture into the Sperrins region. Tomorrow evening should see us on from another GI/SM summit for the 2m UK activity contest - having first secured the challenge multiplier on 10m or 6m of course.

On the plus side, our locator of IO65mc should be popular and sought-after in the contest. On the minus side, I’m not sure how good take off back to GB will be - if at all!

After that the idea is summits most mornings with a full day of 4-6 summits on the Thursday. Wet and windy weather is around all week, so plans and ambitions could well change. As for bands, 17m is not on the agenda at all. 20m and 40m are possibilities, but only as back up options if we don’t qualify on 10m/6m/2m.

CU in the morning.

Hello Tom
We go to F/AM tour on 4 and 5 August 2015.
We do hope QSO you on 10 and 6 meters :wink:
Of course all SOTA friends are welcome to give few points and multiplier.
73 QRO and viva Challenge 6 meters

As we went to bed last night, the forecast was for a dry if windy morning. After getting up at 5.30 this morning, a check revealed that the forecast had worsened to include persistent heavy rain. We went back to our beds and cancelled the early morning activation. Fingers crossed our evening outing tonight doesn’t suffer the same fate!

Didn’t hear you on 2m - that part of the UK is audible through a wormhole in the Cairngorms and is workable on VHF unlike most places to the South!

Nothing heard here tonight either on 28Mhz.
Have fun.

'Twas a bit of a struggle tonight from GI/SM-015. Nice walk around from the parking area, apart from the boggy bits near the final ascent. Wx was as forecast but two hours later than forecast, so unpleasantly damp until after 9pm.

On 10m, I limped to 3 CW contacts in the first hour. Meanwhile, Jimmy was trying to get QSOs in the 2m UKAC, and also got to 3. I took over on 2m SSB and got my qualification with GI4SNA and a fifth with GM4PPT. Jimmy followed me into PPT for his qualification.

Ultimately - we both got a new SOTA activator unique, we both got a SOTA activator point, we both put in an entry (of sorts) in for the 2m UKAC and I got my Challenge multiplier. A most successful outing therefore!

Sat here on a very wet GI/SM-014 and contemplating failure! Jimmy has one QSO on 2m fm, while I can’t raise anything on 6 or 10. Hopefully condx will pick up soon.

Tried to listen for you, but not a whisper here in Edinburgh.
2 mtr FM would be optimistic in any case, and there is very little Es activity anywhere in Europe; see
QSO/SWL real time maps and lists
Are you going to try Sawel Mountain? need that for a complete, hi!
73 and hope the WX improves soon for all of us!

Tip the beam over and point to IO87 - probably CW. GB3NGI is booming in (relatively speaking!)

Been listening for you
just no joy as yet :frowning:
not giving up yet :wink:


Other bands are available… :wink:


But not in the challenge… do keep up Gerald :wink:

[quote=“MM0FMF, post:17, topic:11325”]But not in the challenge…[/quote]For most of us the challenge is pretty much over (if it ever got started).

Really :slight_smile:

I don’t have 6m and yet still lying 6th on the tables and only in SSB mode.
Got hang of it now chased a lot of peoples on 10m and the challenge has become rather of interest to me with me ickle 10w and the loop.

Can we extend it to Sept please :stuck_out_tongue:
21st be good as summer time ends then.

But please pop onto other bands if you can. :pray:
thank you.


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Yes. Look at the leader boards, and there are really only a few folk left in the race.