GI - OSNI mapping

Andrew has just pushed an update to the summits site for the GI association.

Previously we has the same Bing link in place for all G* associations, but the OSGB mapping held by Bing does not cover GI. The button has been replaced with a new link to OSNI mapping:


When you land on OSNI’s map viewer it gives you a default map which is no so useful for hiking. Click on the base-map button:


This will pop up a selector - the 1:25k and 1:50k layers are good to explore. Be prepared to zoom in and out for best results.


I will check whether the OS Media Licence we have in place covers all of the UK or just G/GM/GW and obtain a OSNI licence if we need one so that map clips can be pasted into the reflector.

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Excellent, well done.

Victor GI4ONL

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Thanks Andrew, that will be very useful :slight_smile: