While listening out for MI1MAJ/p GI/AH-007 on 7156 yesterday afternoon found the freq occupied by a couple UK stations to start with and any chance hearing the Sota nigh on impossible. Few minutes later,s hearing the chasers coming on stream. But what tickled me was two spanish ops, pair of regulars were also making the trip?

BUT not to the Sota, but to the NE UK G station returning to them and mean time the Sota had moved to 7190.

Might be advisable when his logs come on line make sure you made actual contact with said Sota station on 7156 as other said station thought they talking to him and other way around and exchanging report.

Its just one of those things when conditions are running a little wild as they were yesterday with 20m opening up on short range 400km hops to GI GM and EA1 sotas and later’s in after noon settled down more and 40m be came better option and further afield Sotas were being worked on 20m from OK and HA.

Quite a busy day not worked that many in day for a while now totaling 12 in all, caught. But best one was GM/ES-043 on 40m first, then on 20m and later’s on 80m :heart_eyes:

40m yep be normal :wink:
20m unusual short conditions running :slight_smile:
80m daytime more less impossible that distance, but happened :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Karl M3FEH

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Obviously I could not hear them otherwise I would not have been there. If somebody had told me it was not a clear frequency I would have moved sooner.

I don’t think I made any contacts on 7156. My first QSO on 40m was DJ5AV at 1536z which was after my QSY.

Earlier on from AH-001 I definitely heard one of the Spanish chasers thanking me for a QSO when I was working somebody else. Tried to tell him but I don’t think he heard.

Maybe there should be an explicit way of logging non-contacts…

Martyn M1MAJ

Yep can verify that one


There is a way, kind of.

After you’ve entered your activation, you can click on “Show who chased me”. I sometimes do this when I suspect non-contacts, and PM the parties concerned.

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