Getting email digests

I’ve been trying to set up the equivalent of the old reflector “Daily Digest”, but so far haven’t managed to get an email digest. I’ve ticked the

Receive email notifications and email digests even if you are active on the forum

box in preferences, which I hoped would give me something. I haven’t ticked the

When you don’t visit the site, send an email digest of what’s new:

box because I would like to get an email digest of everything that’s new whether or not I’ve been on the forum. I have the right email address configured since I got the password reset email ok.

Is this functionality available in the new reflector?

Caroline, M3ZCB

I selected the same options, and do not get the daily digest either.

Christophe, ON6ZQ

I also prefer the daily digest which was curtailed a few weeks ago during the start of the change over of the old reflector. I’ll hang fire trying until we hear that the daily digest is possible.

73 Phil

The old digest has been working fine. We even got one this morning.

Hi guys,

Caroline, I have found the daily digest has a bit of a mind of its own. Even after using Discourse for 6 months on another forum I haven’t totally understood it’s logic. You will probably start to see it appear after a few days especially if you haven’t visited the forum that day.

However, personally I have ticked all the notifcation boxes so I get an email for pretty well every post to the forum. I then will stash these in a folder in my personal email and scan/delete them at will. Once things settle down I’ll probably ease this back a little and start to rely on the digest again.


OK - mine turned itself off so I didn’t turn it back on pending Discourse coming on line…


I was wondering if anyone has received a Daily Digest yet?

None has come through to me but I configured my profile to receive them about a week ago. I find this the best way to keep up the with SOTA Reflector.

73 Phil

I haven’t.

At the moment I’m having every post forwarded as Email which I filter into a separate folder. In conjunction with a threaded Email reader, it is just about tolerable for a periodic “catch up”.

I’d rather have a digest.

I have :slight_smile: I have just received my 1st digest ever! I read your comments and then saw an email notification flash on the other monitor… there was a digest.

Does it perhaps only send a digest of posts submitted after the last time that you check it online?

Well it was on my work laptop which has been hibernated since Friday afternoon. I’ve been logged in on my PC at home over the weekend and on my tablet when out mobile. The digest appeared about 1hr30 after waking up the work laptop. The software is able to track which threads I’ve read on different machines, the work laptop said there were about 40 new messages when I first connected this morning. So it may well be that theconnection on the computer which had been hibernated saw I had been away for long enough to warrant a digest.

Personally I would like a daily digest which takes no account whatsoever of what it thinks I might have read on the web interface. It is a fairly simple requirement compared with the complicated things that it seems to be trying to do!

Tracking what has been read on different machines independently is utterly hopeless for my usage pattern. I routinely “dip into” the server from at least 4 or 5 different machines.

Likewise Martyn, I am the same type of user as you, so am looking for the same function if possible.

73 Phil. CT7/G4OBK (QRV on Thursday)

Same here, I would prefer a Daily Digest in the same manner as on the old reflector that does not take into account any activity I may have using the web interface.

I wholly agree with this. It’s always been a bit of an irritation of mine since starting to use Discourse. I will look into whether there is anything we can do about it.

Meanwhile, I just get an email for every post which when stashed in a dedicated email folder sort of forms a rolling email update anyway, but obviously not as handy as a comprehensive digest.

73, Jon

Well, I’ve tried leaving my settings to get a digest but not all messages, but still haven’t had a digest.

Given Andy’s hint that it might send digests if you have used it from a machine but don’t for a bit, I’m using a different browser on a machine I don’t normally look at the reflector from, and I’ll see if neglecting to look at the reflector here provokes a digest.

The new reflector is easier to use on my phone than the old one, but I’d still rather have the digests. If all else fails I may resort to the “all messages filtered into a folder” approach…