Get Well David 2E0DAI

Dear All,

The BTR/MYA residence has just received word from the horse’s mouth that David Holman 2E0DAI has today had the operation he required to remove the titanium hardware in his leg that was necessary to pin it all back together following his tumble down GW/MW-027 Moel y Golfa last April. David informs us that all went as planned and that he is looking forward to resuming his activating in a few weeks time pending his recovery.

I am sure that we all wish him well and a speedy recovery.

Dave M0MYA/Geoff 2E0BTR

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David 2E0DAI

Brysia wella :slight_smile:

Hwyl a 73


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Hope it all goes well, David


Brian G8ADD

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Best wishes for a swift recovery David. Looking forward to hearing you back on the hills, but in the meantime enjoy the chasing.

73, Gerald

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Thank you for for your kind words. Wolverhampton hospital did very well, took extra care on withdrawing tubes from my throat and so I woke up in recovery suite [not intensive care] this time. I’m home now and have the tightest, stiffest bandaging around my knee that I’ve yet experienced. I’m getting around on crutches. It’s going to be hard to change the links over on the 40/80 dipole for a while! Radio studies for the full licence exam are the main thing I’m going to do. I confess that reading “Advance!” sends groggy me straight back to sleep.

Talk soon on the radio


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Radio studies for the full licence exam are the main thing I’m going to do

Good man!

When you have that passed push on with the Morse. DO NOT do what I did and muck about on and off with it. Knuckle down and get a degree of proficiency in brass bashing. I’m still rubbish as G3KDY will tell you but getting there is so much fun! (Morse joke, G3KDY was actually G3RDQ!)

Oh, and get better soon!


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I hope the mend happens swiftly David, Gaining a full licence is well worth it and something I am sure you will have no problem with.

Good advice from Andy re learning morse, I did the same then one day decided to stick with it. Hope to hear you soon on the radio. Sean M0GIA

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Hope you recover soon and get back out onthe hills. In the meantime I used both and QAVD both free to help with my study and at least they break the manotimy of just reading the book.


Brian M0OYG

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Brysia wella Dai. Edrych ymlaen i glywed chdi ar yr awyr yma yn Eryri cyn bo hir.
Hwyl a fflag, :stuck_out_tongue:

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Best wishes David both with getting well and Full License studies.

It comes to something when you have to break your leg to find time to study !! Hi Hi

Looking forward to the next joint activity with you!!

Best 73


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Looking forward to the next joint activity with you

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Hi David,

Get well soon and good luck with your full licence course and exam.

Jimmy M3EYP

Best wishes for a speedy recovery David, & what an excellent opportunity to prepare for the full licence exam.

I am certain you will do well & as Andy has said, get straight into learning Morse. I started learning it immediately after returning home from college after sitting the R.A.E. in November 1993. I built a very simple practice key out of a couple of drawing pins, a paperclip, & the sound chip from a musical birthday card HI! It took me quite while to get up to 12wpm but I got there in the end.

I Hope to work you very soon.

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF